Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Fairie Door" by WildHeart Art Proxxon Design Team

"Fairie Door"

by WildHeart Art 
Proxxon Design Team

How fun it was to create this sweet little Fairie door~ perfect for a secret little place in the garden using  Proxxon Power Carver MSG. Visit Tiny Tool Blog page for more details 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

~ArtBeach 2108~ Oct 9th-13th on Beautiful Folly Beach SC~ Sponsored by Sherri Welser of WildHeart Art

~ArtBeach 2108~
Oct 9th-13th

Do you love creating in a beautiful, inspirational and  blissful place? Well then  we would love  to have you  join us at ArtBeach 2018 on  gorgeous Folly Beach!! Accommodations include  4 nights  ( Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday with departure by 10 am Saturday)   and 3 full days of art workshops, wonderful local food, all supplies, massages,yoga and lots of fun surprises!
Workshops instructors are Sherri Welser, Denise Balcanoff and Kristen Powers ( Kae Pea ) from Rubber Moon Stamps!

Below are the list of  instructors and their workshops!

Sherri Welser

Sherri is a nationally published artist, jewelry artisan and owns a unique art and Bohemian  style store in Downtown Canandaigua NY. She also holds art retreats ( "Art Of A Gypsy") in her vintage style studio in the woods!

"Intuitive Painting

No need for experience... just the desire to be creative in a childlike manner and feel free to use color, texture and mark making in your artwork to learn this fun technique!

 Native American Story Telling  Sticks

Tradition has it that Native American Story Telling Sticks are used to offer respect during ceremonies to the speaker holding the stick. Create your own unique talking stick with wood, paint, leather, feathers beads and embellishments! Each items used has traditional meaning from the colors used to the  specific feathers used!

 Henna Drums

Learn the  significance and history behind drumming and design your own goatskin drum with henna and Mehndi designs! We will also have a drum circle ceremony with our drums for the last night on the beach!

Denise Balcanoff

Denise creates beautiful  unique alcohol artwork  and enjoys teaching her fun style and techniques!

  Discovering the Playfulness of Alcohol Inks

In this class you will reconnect with your inner child through exploring the playful and very forgiving medium, alcohol inks. These very beautiful and saturated inks will have you “oohing  and ahhing” with each drop of color you drip on your paper.
You will discover the interesting properties of the inks, how they blossom, and how to manipulate them to create amazing works of art!
In the 1st demonstration I will show you how to experiment dripping and dropping the ink on yupo paper. We will have fun loosening up, taking risks, and letting the inks flow in all their inky glory! We will also learn how to manipulate and layer the inks by using simple tools, brushes, and isopropyl alcohol.
In the 2nd demonstration you will learn how to create a “Little Landscape” using the “pour and flow” method, and add details and texture through brush work.
By the end of this class you will have produced two pieces of work that you will be proud to frame and display on your wall!

Painting Birch Trees with Alcohol Inks
Everyone loves birch trees and in this workshop Denise will teach you the secrets of painting them with alcohol inks! You will learn how to use masking fluid and simple handmade tools to create a beautiful birch tree scene. You wont believe how easy it is!

Kristen Powers (Kae Pea)

Kristen creates beautiful colorful artwork and owns Rubber Moon Stamps!

Magical Water Colors by the Sea with Kae Pea 
2 Workshops!

Come and paint with Kae Pea and we will do watercolor by the Sea!

There is nothing more magical than painting with watercolor!
Join Kae Pea for two 3 hour sessions of exploring watercolor techniques
and painterly play.
A relaxing, inspiring and encouraging atmosphere to take any level
of artist in new and exciting directions with watercolor.

Kae Pea is an illustrator, designer and maker. She has her BFA in studio art with a 
concentration in watercolor painting.
Her first love is watercolor and she would be so happy to share her love of this medium with you,
during this special Beach retreat!

Pictures from previous ArtBeach Retreats on Folly Beach!

So I hope you can join us on this magical art adventure meeting new friends,  trying new techniques, creating joyful art and celebrating being together and creating in such a wondrous place as this! 
Please Register early as spaces are limited to 10 attendees.
To Register visit the website  
Full Payment at early bird price is 1,450 and includes all accommodations, gourmet foods, beverages, art supplies, massages, yoga and lots of  fun surprises!!

** If you would like to join us without staying at night the price would be $995.00 so please contact me and let me know and I will invoice you for only the retreat itself.
** Please contact me at swelser923@gmail.com for payment  plan options if desired.
**Early bird price ends on Sept 1st!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Feather Your Nest~ Proxxon Design Team Project By Sherri Welser

~Feather Your Nest~

 by Sherri Welser for Proxxon Design Team

Join me as I create this sweet birdhouse using the  Proxxon Carving Tool and FolkArt Color Shift Paint ! Visit the Proxxon Blog for information on how to create this lovely birdhouse!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Proxxon Design Team "Simple Treasures" by Sherri Welser

 Proxxon  Design Team
"Simple Treasures"
Sherri Welser
Join me as I show you how to create this fun copper garden charm                        "Simple Treasures" with Proxxon tools           
                           at http://tinytooltime.blogspot.com/!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

" Faith In A Box" with Proxxon Tools and Folk Art Paints by Sherri Welser

"Faith In A Box"

 With Proxxon  Tools and Plaid  Folk Art Paints
by Sherri Welser

Creating this unique and fun wooden box project  " Faith In A Box"with Proxxon Tools and Plaid paints!  I love sweet little wooden boxes and wanted to find a way to paint and embellish and create that "Vintage" look. Using Plaid Folk Art  Brushed  metal paints , Proxxon Delta Sander, fun techniques and embellishments, I was very pleased with the outcome! Visit Proxxon Tiny Tool Time Blog for full instructions!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

~Its Your Destiny~ Designing with Copper Disks and Proxxon Tools by Sherri Welser

~Its Your Destiny~ 

Designing with Copper Disks

In this new Design Team project for Proxxon Tools create these beautiful copper disks to add to any jewelry piece! I love to mix metals and had these 2 empty bangles that I had added verdigris patina to but didn't add anything else yet. I had a sheet of copper metal and decided to use my disk cutter to cut the round disks out and the Proxxon Drill Press ( TBM 115) to drill the holes for the jump rings.  For instructions please visit the  Proxxon Blog  and lets have some fun making these unique copper disks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inspirational Necklace "When Doors Open" ~ Design Team Project Created by Sherri Welser and Proxxon Tools!

Inspirational Necklace "When Doors Open"

Create this beautiful inspirational necklace by using Proxxon Tools!

Wearing inspirational pieces always helps to reinforce that feeling of joy and hope. In this necklace I used a metal embosser ( Vintaj  Big Kick) to get the lovely texture on the  copper metal pieces and the  Proxxon Bench Drill Press TBM 115  . I have had these 2  metal door pieces for awhile and was waiting for the right project to use them. Visit Proxxon's Tiny Tool Time Blogger !