Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Creative Magic Series" featuring Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo

I have always loved BEADS in every color, shape and size and Diana uses them so creatively to create beautiful unique jewelry!
 I am sure you will enjoy this week's "Creative Magic Artisan"~ Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo!!

I have worn many hats over the years . A mom first and for most always. I worked from sales to sales to recruitment to marketing to sales to recruitment to marketing LOL. Whether I delivery it to you , or showed it , taught it I have done it .  
People are my thing , but I needed my art to consume me when I got ill. So I have now devoted more time to designing . I designed dried and silk floral arrangements in 1994- 1995. Since 2008 I am a self taught Artistic Jewelry designer. I have honed in on my sewing skills and made my own design of Handbags. They were an inspiration that came to me back in 1997. I work fabrics that other wise would have been throw away into unique reclaimed Handbags. This is not new to me I come from a group of talented women that raised me . I won an art award back when I was a kid , even took classes from the artist that was my neighbor when I was very little . She I must say opened the world of color and it uses to me . Thank you Bea I treasure the portraits she did of my brother and I when we were very young and innocent. Textures were a part of the highly decorated world my Mother always created out of our home no matter were we lived she made it a palace. Her talent amazes me even now! My grandmother always was a perfect vision from head to toe. Never would you know that she was the maker of her clothing .

"So you see I have given you just a bit of insight into my world" . Thank you Donna for sharing yourself and your beautiful talents with us! In love & Light Sherri


  1. Lovely blog feature Sherri :D Thank you so much for featuring .

  2. Diana so lovely to get to know a little more about you and as always I love your gorgeous designs.

  3. Lovely article about a talented artisan!

  4. Awesome feature! I love Diana's beautiful jewelry. She is so talented.

  5. So glad you all enjoyed the "Creative Magic" blog post for this week and got to know Diana and her beautiful work a little better! Thank you Diana for sharing your lovely talents with us <3 have a beautiful day everyone!