Thursday, May 31, 2012

~Fun to Create Tila Wire Wrapped Copper Ring~

~Fun to Create Tila Wire Wrapped  Copper Ring~

I love to create new" EVERYTHING"~ new journey's,new friends new creations ect.. so I thought I would share with you a fun and oh so easy Tila Ring that I came up with and even did a workshop on this in April in Charleston SC. The participants enjoyed creating  a simple but pretty wire wrapped ring!

 Tila beads are  a unique fairly new Japanese bead (5x5)  they are flat with 2 holes running parallel and resemble the shape of a tile ( from Miyuki.) They currently come in 40 colors and several different finishes. One source that has a wonderful selection is Caravan Beads in Portland Maine. They have an awesome selection of all types and styles of glass beads and supplies! 

In this design I also incorporated another new bead shape which is called a"Twin" by Preciosa .It is a peanut shaped  glass bead with 2 holes at each end that is unique and interesting to incorporate into beaded designs!

 Begin with about 2- 5 inch pieces of 22 gauge copper wire ( I use" Artistic Wire" for the fact that the color is permanent and wont wear off or turn your finger green) A ring mandrel, needle nose pliers or wire wrapper tool along with a wire cutter  will also be needed
Step 1- Start stringing the bead pattern you desire with the Tila  and Twin beads. As you work, you are beading from back to front ( meaning that when you are finished the ends of the wire will be at the front of the ring)
Step 2- Wrap the beaded ring around a ring mandrel to find your size and add another 1/4" as wrapping can create the ring to tighten a bit. After the sizing, start to twist the ends of the wire where you want to end the ring and to create a small design.
Step 3- Add some of the Twin beads or regular seed beads to create a fun wire wrap and bead focal. When finished, conceal the last bit of wire inside the design and Whoo Hoo... you have a simple and beautiful new   beaded wire wrapped ring!! 
Now that the summer is here I will be posting new projects every week and will be having random wonderful giveaways both with my jewelry pieces and with creative kits ,books and supplies to let your creative side go WILD :) So make sure you join the group to be up to date on what we have going on and to be eligible for the giveaways!! Have a beautiful day everyone!!
~In love & Light~

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  1. That looks like you all had fun I love Tila beads they are pretty versatile too ;~D