Friday, May 11, 2012

~Glitter Creativity "On the Edge"~

Glitter Creativity “On The Edge”

I love to embellish anything and everything with beautiful glitter and then I decided I would  embellish  paper edges with the simple and pretty touch of glitter! The way the light dances off the glitter creates such a special look and adding it to the edges of my journal/doodle pages was a very interesting way to add some glam to the pages!
I started this fun project with Art Glitter,Design Adhesive and some of my doodle pages! You can also do this on art journal pages, handmade cards, gift tags and even business cards that you want to add a special touch to. There are endless ways to add that special touch of sparkle onto your paper projects!

After you have gathered your items you will be needing, pour a line of design adhesive and a line of glitter on a scrap piece of paper.This is for dipping the edges of the paper into. Once you have dipped them in the designer adhesive (try dipping on an angle for a geometric design too) then dip the edges into the Art Glitter.

 Set on a flat area to dry when finished. If using a fine glitter, multiple layers  can be dipped over each other at angles, creating pretty colored layer effects. This is a simple but beautiful way to add a bit of sparkle to any paper art project.

 As an artist,I enjoy the shimmer and complexity of colors in the Art Glitter products and even use it in my artwork!! I hope you all have fun" glamming" up your projects and living on the "EDGE"
In Love & Light


  1. I love glitter! Thanks! That is a nice idea to show my next class of young teens on the Autism Spectrum!

  2. Great! I know it is easy and fun!I work with kids and they could take a "bath" in the glitter if we let them.. :) Have a beautiful day!!

  3. I love and have several textures of glitter to use on projects...still learning how to use to my advantage as an artist. Sherri you give me the gumption to just get in there use my creativity..thank you for being an inspiration.

    1. Aww.. thank you Antionette~ you are so sweet and glad you are going to have some fun and be creative!!