Tuesday, June 5, 2012

~A Little Birdie Told me So~

~A Little Birdie Told Me So~
I love birds and feel very connected to them.. sometimes I will be sitting on the back deck and thinking of all the things I need to accomplish that week or that day and out of the blue a little song bird will sing her song to me to "Be in the moment".

 Nature is an amazing gift..I cant even count the number of times that when I have needed some sort of mental boost for the day  and special little messages were brought to me by sweet little butterflies,birds,dragonflies dancing around me or gently sitting next to me to say "HI".. it is all those heartfelt gifts from above sent to comfort us and connect us to something bigger.

 In my mixed media artwork you will notice that I adore those sweet gifts and feel very thankful for them everyday. So many times I will include butterflies,dragonflies and birds and feel they all carry a special message of love ,hope and faith. This uplifting message is one that I share with others through my canvas expressions and hope to put a feeling of joy in their everyday life through what I create.

Always remember to look around you and take in all the beautiful gifts that can be so comforting if we recognise them as such. As an artist I am constantly being amazed and inspired by the world around me!

Enjoy this beautiful day with wonderful possibilities!!
~In Love & Light~
** For those of you interested in working with mixed media our June mixed media kit goes out Tomorrow!!! You can find more details and  can order a kit on our website~ They are awesome!!!! You will love them filled with creative goodies from well known companies such as Tim Holtz and Ranger! :)


  1. Thank you!! Lovely reminder!!!

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      have a beautiful day!!

  2. I can't wait to get my kit !!! Its such a great idea ! Thank you :)

    1. Thanks for joining us Angie!! Cant wait to see your creations!!!