Sunday, July 1, 2012

~Hearts A Fluttering~" Connie Crystal" Design Project

~Hearts a Fluttering~

Butterflies have this amazing beauty and  when I found this plain wooden/copper picture holder I was anxious to glam it up!! Being on the Design Team for Connie Crystal I never run out of ideas to add the bling!! If any of you are like me.. going to Michael's or Joanne's is like letting me loose in a  candy shop..... I can spend hours there!! I swear it is a" coupon conspiracy" too, so you will make a weekly trip .....EVERY week!! :) Oh well...I am sure many of you can relate! 
This was an easy "creative flow" project and I will include the supplies and steps below:

Wooden and copper butterfly picture holder( Found at Michael's)
Connie Crystal  clear octagon 8mm AB crystals-4
Connie Crystal copper triangle shaped crystals-2
Assorted colors of glass seed beads
Plum acrylic paint
Small rubber stamps/ink pad
22 gauge copper wire- 1-2 feet
Red glitter glue for highlighting the butterfly
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers

1) I took the wooden picture holder and painted it the plum color.
2) I then  decided to string the seed beads onto the copper wire( about 8") and just free form around the base , also twisting the copper wire in small circles randomly with the needle nose pliers, while moving towards the butterfly on top,secure the end.
3) Cut another piece of wire about 8" and weave the copper wire through  each of the 4 octagon crystals on the 4 outer  tips of the  butterfly wings also including some seed beads to the front of the crystals and twisting to secure in the front of each crystal. Randomly leave  a little slack in the wire after adding the sead beads in the front of the octagon crystals, to then be able to twist  the" slacked" copper wire in a circular motion for the decorative effect of wire wrapping. 
4) The 2 triangle crystals are  then strung with (about 4" each piece on each side) wire in the center  wing area on each side and  finished off with the wire twist effect.
5).I twisted about 4" of the copper wire before placing it on the body of the butterfly and secured on either ends on the backside.
6) For a final touch, the glitter glue was brushed over the wings and body to add some sparkly fun and can be used on the base as well.
 Now you have a pretty picture holder for your favorite picture!
~In Love & Light~

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