Friday, July 6, 2012

~"Stepping" Up your Garden Style~

 ~ Fun & Funky Art Garden Series~
   "Stepping" Up your Garden Style"
I am such a "non traditionalist" when it comes to designing and seriously look for the unique and fun in everything!! Life is too short not to!! So when I saw this old rickety ladder I thought it would make a great "shelving unit" for the garden!! And because I also love our feathered friends and decorative birdhouses.. there are a few  of those houses on the ladder steps with it being so hot! I  plan on adding some more to the ladder but have not been out in the garden much except to water lately. I thought it would be a fun addition to anyone's garden so I wanted to share! And when sun sets behind the ladder, the inexpensive colored long neck bottles (which  hang off  each side)  just sparkle and shimmer!

 And I always keep an eye out for things that others probably aren't... after all who the heck wants a ladder  that you cant safely climb on! That always keeps the popularity and price down on the things I find at sales, Thank goodness !! I always hear from other (particularly my hubby!) "What do you want that old thing for"??? But yet I always find new homes for the under loved  items and funny enough... so many people that visit are like" that is so cool,where did you get THAT from, its awesome!" Half the fun is finding  these things and the other half is doing something unique and fun and placing it in the garden!!  Kind of like a "conversation piece for your garden!!

And of course all the ""Eye candy in the garden that just stand out and say "look at Me"!!
I love to surround myself with flowers inside and out. How  uplifted we can feel just by a simple beautiful flower! And it all seems to go together wonderfully!

And as always, I have inspiration surrounding me... no matter where I am! I hope you all have a beautiful day and Enjoy!
~In Love & Light~

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