Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~Creative Magic~" Featuring Dion Dior"

~Dion Dior~

When you gaze upon Dion's artwork you can see so many beautiful elements,colors and textures! I just adore her work and love the versatility and the uniqueness she brings to the pages that she paints upon. 

"My mother says I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, and when I look back at my life, that was probably true. I was born and raised by the sea in Australia where the treasure to be found in a rock pool was more valuable than the crown jewels. As long as I can remember I've been making art. After graduating from college I spent several jam-packed decades working and traveling the world as a woman alone, exploring, sketching and writing about my life-changing experiences. I met my husband on the roof of the world, trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp. Two years later our daughter was born, and four years after that our son arrived--16 weeks premature.

Today, I live far from my homeland down-under in rural Iowa, where my attempts at growing a veggie garden have been disastrous. I am a mother; artist; writer; and teacher, and that paintbrush is still in my hand. I have dozens of sketchbooks, canvases, and surfaces that are testament to my insatiable appetite for creating. I love color and I particularly love shimmer. I draw most of my inspiration from nature and use her many faces to fuel my work. My journals and sketchbooks are filled with luscious, shimmering pages; they are treasured expressions of my endless adventures.

About 3 years ago, I turned my passion for art into a business that focuses on online workshops, retreats, and studio classes. Please visit my blog at if you're so inclined, join me on one of my many art adventures as we swim in a colorful, silky, twinkling ocean of shimmer".

Thank so much Dion for sharing your beautiful creative self with us!!

~In Love & Light~


  1. this is some of the nicest hand drawings and colors I've ever seen, seeing this just made me happy. Incredible talent. TFS, so glad I didn't miss this.

  2. I admire your painting Dion and loved your class. Your work is amazing and you've converted me into a Twinkling H2O girl!

  3. Beautiful...the colors are so vibrant. Really amazing.

  4. Great to see Dion here... she is one of my favourite blog world people and she is a constant inspiration...xx

  5. Thank you all for joining us in celebrating Dion's beautiful work in the "Creative Magic" Series here! Have a beautiful day!!