Thursday, August 16, 2012



~The Art & Aroma Of Creating Beautiful Handmade Botanical Papers~ 

  In the process of making the beautiful handmade papers with Arnold Grummers Paper Making it I decide to put a fun twist to it. Being a Nationally Certified Aromatherapist and herbalist, creating lovely handmade paper items with natural botanicals and wonderful scents was right up my alley!! So at the end of the paper making process with Arnold's easy to use paper making kit the last step was to add about 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil right in the water bath/screen area where your pulp sits.

 In my opinion it works just fine with the F.O so no need to use the more expensive essential oils unless for some reason you would like to! Keep in  mind though that any fragrance that includes "vanilla" will turn your paper a brown hue. But that still would be ok if you were looking for an old" vintage" look.

So as you are ready to raise you paper pulp from the water bath, add the fragrance oils as mentioned and do one last swirl with a spoon or gloved hand ( F.O can be skin irritants) to evenly distribute the pulp in the screen and lift from the water , proceed as normal with the paper making process. We have had several posts on making paper so I wanted to offer a fun and fragrant twist to it!! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful paper making journey!!
All the wonderful and fun add ins for paper making!!

~In Love and Light~

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