Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~Sacred Space Full Of Grace~

 Everyone in life hopes for a space to call their own ,especially those of us who are" high maintenance" ( in an "art supply and creative" sort of way...) So of course we need a space of our own! In the summer I have my studio in the back part of the house which looks out over the back woods and has nothing but wall to wall natural light! It is blissful and offers a sense of peace yet a great amount of creative energy!

I love that space but there really isn't allot of storage space for all my supplies. I guess for the view I have  to sacrifice something!!So with the weather getting cooler(  it is a sunroom without heat) I knew I would have to go back to creating in the"uninteresting" room in the front of the house.

..Ok I needed to find something to glam it up and create my own sacred space filled with everything I love. Sacred spaces are places of creation,filled with the things that make you come alive,bring you joy and spur your imagination! So I started with a beautiful raisin color for the wall- but didn't want to do a major paint job.. just a bit of a "face lift".Given that, I just painted 1 full wall and half of another
(although I still have some touch ups along the edges) That little bit just made the space so peaceful and beautiful in the corner I will be doing my artwork.

This whole process took much longer than I anticipated due to my love of decorating too..LOL.                     ( unfortunately these pics all have a yellow cast because of the flash.. but just to give you an idea:)
I started with my originals and hung them up creating a more "artsy" space that is not only relaxing but also effective and organized!

In needed more vertical space and found this canvas closet organizer and catered it to be secured on the ceiling with several heavy duty shelf bars and faced them in towards each other and" Voila" it held up the canvas storage space perfectly!!( Only light items will be stored there) So once the decorating and set up was finished I started the HUGE task of gathering all my supplies and stuff and organize and put away

So as you can see the other side needs allot more  help!

Ok back to the prettier side!!

This tall cabinet is great for storing the smalls like ink pads. glitter,embossing powders,distress paints ect)

Still organizing.................

I love to have my special little treasures here and there too...

I do have a butterfly" treasure chest" that holds some very special messages from my daughter Nicosha when she was much younger~

Other little items to make me smile :)

Love all of my yummy yarns  so pretty in all different colors and textures!!

Beautiful fabrics are a weakness of mine too.. and in my "spare time" I will be making more quilts:)!!

Fun little trinkets and words around are is important to make it your own beautiful  Sacred Space!!

So here we are all finished and I am Sooooo very excited!!

Remember... no matter how big or small that you may have, a Sacred Space of your own filled with everything you love,everything that makes you happy and spurs your creative energy!!
~In love & Faith~


  1. what a gorgeous space... in love!

    1. Thanks so much Sandi!! So glad you enjoyed:)

  2. Love it Sherri ! You are so right we all need our sacred space.

    1. Yes Angie... it is wonderful to create in a space you can connect with and feel peaceful and creative!!

  3. Sherri, it looks marvelous! I'm sure you will be inspired for a long time in this room! ENJOY! <3

    1. Hi Karen ~ Thank you so very much and yes it is such a fun peaceful space!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Lovely! Yours is much, much nicer than mine. Here are my most recent photos: God bless...Juliana

    1. Hi Juliana~ So glad you stopped by and enjoyed my new space:) Where ever we may have to create is always a gift:) Hugs!