Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~Surround Yourself with the" Creative" Spirit of Christmas~

This time of the year it is so wonderful to see all the Holiday creations and feel the joy that this holiday brings! I immerse myself in the "Christmas Spirit" for all of December for I truly love all that the holiday stands for and how everyone seems to come together in peace and love.

Decorating the house is always such a happy feeling,knowing that this will be a special time for families and friends to gather at home and take in all the holiday goodness!

It could be also something special like creating a holiday journal

Or even some beautiful holiday tags for gift Giving!

This year I had alot of fun creating  holiday mixed media pieces and have started to hang some up around the house.These Santa's above were created with Paper Clay.. It was alot of fun molding them and then finishing them up with paint and glitter! I then incorporated one in the mixed media canvas   below.

I  have always loved the "Gingerbread" look!

 And the nostalgic Vintage look!

Loved creating all the little packages too

It always looks so festive when I have favorite holiday items around.. it adds to the feeling of comfort and brings joy! But in the end it is so important to  remember.......

Now I am hoping that you all will find some time to be creative and handcraft some beautiful Holiday items ... some to keep and some to give away!

~In love and Faith~


  1. If anyone reading this wasn't in the Christmas Spirit they will be now. These projects all look fabulous. I particularly love your paper clay santas and the vintage images you have used. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work. xx

  2. Your creativity is delightful to see. I love every treasure here.
    I'm a new follower and happy I found your blog !
    Amy Jo

  3. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORK!!! I copied the one that says... For it is in giving that we receive. He does a toy drive for underprivledged children each year. I purchased toys for him and gave them to him yesterday. I told him, I believe no child should go without a gift on Christmas. He agreed. It is true.... For it is in giving that we receive.... Receive more back in return from a child with a smile and happiness.

  4. How did I miss these lovely comments from last year~ So sorry Dani. Judy and Amy! And thank you Christine for such kind words~ I am so happy you enjoy and what a blessing it is to be able to give to others.. especially children at the holiday season! Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!