Saturday, April 13, 2013

~10 Day Celebration of Life ,Love , Family and Living on the Edge :)

It has been a beautiful whirlwind in 10 days with so much to celebrate!

 It started with a "Spring Trip" for Nicosha and I to go to visit my daughter Ashley,hubby Joel and sweet little Opie !

 There is nothing like flying from NY to South Carolina when there is a 30-40 degree difference. It always so beautiful to see a" preview" of whats in store for us in NY with the trees blooming and flowers popping up everywhere~ A definite" feel good for the soul" eye full!

During the week we shopped till we dropped, had some wonderful meals out, visited Folly Beach but most of all had some great 'girl time in the sun and  lazy day conversations catching up. Life is too short and family time so sweet!

~Folly Beach.. Here we come!!!~

" Planet Follywood "on Folly Beach

Main Street on Folly Beach
Just in

That most popular Pier on Folly Beach

The breeze is a little

These amazing doors caught my eye on Folly Beach... I just love the  uniqueness and beauty of them!

Just outside of a fabulous restaurant called Rita's right on the main corner in Folly Beach


Folly Beach has crabs!!!lol

Fun outside dining/ bar/ restaurant

The outside of the restaurant

Most of the shopping we did was to find things we needed for my sons wedding in NYC at the end of that week. Of course you can never find the right dress,shoes or anything when you need to.. but all in all we finally got everything we needed, I actually ended up having 2 back ups for my dress.. lol just incase.. you never know besides the price was right!
So now we are all ready (all 4 of us to fly up to NYC the Friday before the wedding..) Funny thing though when you travel you never know what ridiculous things will happen~ we seemed to be plagued on the day of flying and it came to a point when we just ended up laughing at it all!
 "Notes to self"... don't try to jam everything into your now 50 lb suitcase because YOU MAY have to lug everything through rows and rows of cars across the parking lot to an  elevator that is out of order to then have to go to the end of the airport to check in to then find that Nicosha no longer has a seat assigned to her ( mind you she did in February when i booked the flight!) At that point we should have gotten the hint that this trip would be a memorable one in more ways than one! Finally on the plane and needing to find a switcheroo for the seat next to me as  that was suppose to be Nicosha's.. So after all that worked out with her seat... the air didn't work from up above and we were all sweating are #$$ off and apparently there was something wrong with it!!. Luckily we didn't have to resort to stripping!!

At the airport in NYC the luggage felt heavier  then ever and just when  we thought the escalator would save us.... it was OUT OF Order!! Are you kidding me?? So now we are calling my son to let him know we were at the airport  to pick us up,and he wasn't answering his phone ( not to mention when we did get a hold of him he said he couldn't get to us from where he was in the car...OMG if i had to carry that luggage across streets and" over hills and mountains" It would  get ugly!! So after 45 minutes waiting for him to get to us, we were in the car and off to the hotel~ Whew!... only to find out my reservations weren't right and we were charged more than we should have for the weekend wedding stay...Like I said at this point we were just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all!! 
We all had a great dinner that night together with Beth's family too and the next night they got married.
I so love this picture of my son waiting at the altar for his wife to be "Beth"

How sweet... he kissed her hand when she got to the altar!

Just Married!

Tyler and Beth

Ashley & Joel

Nicosha and her big brother Tyler

Beth,Tyler & Nicosha

Tyler & Beth

This was a beach themed cake... including the sand!!:)


Everything turned out perfect for wedding  and reception and there was so much love in the room that night to celebrate the new couple~ it was awesome! Nicosha even won one of the centerpieces on the tables!!
Sunday we spent the day traveling to NYC by way of the LIRR and  the subway.....what an adventure that all was!

Here we are going to the city. Tyler,Nicosha and I! We were the only ones that posed!

Such a shame the subway is so" yucky" as there are so many beautiful large tiled areas such as this through out the  stations

Ground Zero.. new building going up and when finished, will be the  tallest in the Western hemisphere!

Very cool little stone area at Battery Park.. we never did find out what is was for though.

Battery Park on a lovely spring day!

Pretty little space of flowers at the stone area in Battery Park

Going through a cool tunnel underneath the stone area in Battery Park

"I can see Jersey from here!!!"

NYC Buildings near Battery Park

 This is such a cool picture of my son Tyler on the train.. he was looking out and I caught his reflection in the glass! The sky was beautiful coming home! That was another crazy day  for the books...but that will have to be for another time.. Life is full of amazing experiences and if we go forth with an open mind and heart..   any situation can be fun and something special filled with love and laughter (  although some situations might be more funny after a longer period of
As I always say" live life on the edge"... and enjoy! Those  10 days were amazing for many reasons and I embrace  everything, for that is what memories are made of!

In love & Faith


  1. Looks like an enchanted day! - and the seaside is lovely! Charming post!

  2. I can see you certainly had fun. Following you here now, Sherri. Hope you'll come by and follow on my blog too.

    Coleen in Ukraine