Friday, May 24, 2013

~Beyond The Garden Gate~ Fusing Art and Garden~

~Beyond The Garden Gate~ 
Fusing Art and Garden

As many of you know I am an artist in love with nature,color,texture,design,re-purposing to create the fun and funky and connecting spiritually to the word around me.  In every space available I design my outside garden areas as I would design my inside living spaces! I enjoy creating peaceful,tranquil places to sit and relax and just enjoy life! We have 11 acres in a country atmosphere and every morning I feel so blessed to not only live the life I have with my family and to be able to work to achieve my heartfelt dreams , but also just to wake up every morning and see natural beauty all around me is such a gift! To be able to hear the birds sing and butterflies and dragonflies flit by and visit the flowers around me is so very special and inspiring!
So I would love to have you be my guest on this small journey through my gardens and to offer some artsy ideas on how to add some" fun and funky" into your own gardens!

"I love Irises and the beauty they share"

One of my favorite petunia's "Piccasso"

Our yard is filled  with many lilac bushes and when the wind blows... the scent of these lilacs is amazing!

 Here you can see our veggie garden early in the season

This is the far end of the veggie garden which also backs up to the front horse pasture.

Our horses wanting some love:)


Here is my new studio space( the outside area) which I am hoping will be done and ready to go this year! Where the side garage door is I will be adding french doors for the entrance way. Last year my mom and I laid down some stone pavers to create a small patio outside the door. Inside the cracks of the pavers I put in small glass beads and sea glass that I have collected on my beach trips. This outside garden was created last summer and  also includes a water fountain on the tree stump.

Right next to the studio area and  in  between it and  the barn is a pretty little sitting space that I started working on last year and it is coming together nicely!

This is my favorite gazing globe in the garden!

Some of the projects that I have done for this area are the redo of a fire pit and cable spool below ~I have the before and after:)

Here is the fire pit

This was very fun and creative and it will be the first summer of actually using it now!!

Flowers are abundant around here in both gardens and pots and they provide color,texture and of course Big Smiles!!

I enjoy creating height also with hanging baskets,baskets or pots on stumps.

I also love to put little gifts tucked away in "out of the way" spaces:)

This stand is actually an old coal stove that I rescued from the side of the road and it is such a pretty piece in the garden with a bird cage sitting on top!

Here I had found this amazing huge copper oval pot at a garage sale and love to use it as a planter with that sweet little angel beside it!

This is an old bee box that looks worn and weathered and i just love it!

Beautiful flowers peaking through the tree stump!

 Out on the back deck that looks over the woods I have created a peaceful space there as well to gather and enjoy!

Here is my" out of the way" creative art space outside!

I have missed our previous Victorian House which we had redone and had such wonderful gardens and ponds that we created from scratch!.When deciding to move we opted for a smaller house in the country with land and slowly but surely ,we have been recreating that same beautiful feeling of garden spaces here! Below are some pictures of our last house and the gardens and ponds.

This was an old cracked vase that I purchased very inexpensively.. filled the bottom with packing peanuts and then lined the rest with plastic inside and planted the petunia in it!

This is the view looking down the hill from the top of the second pond.. it had a beautiful waterfall right about where I am standing!

This is a pretty little metal stamped pocket that I planted lobelia in and hung on the side of the arbor.

It is amazing how much comfort and joy a garden can hold  and it doesn't matter the size . Just  to have a space to call your own where you can plant some beautiful flowers, add some little trinkets and watch the birds,butterflies and wonderful little creatures  visit is such a blessing. You will be amazed at the beautiful inspiration you can feel just by sitting quietly and listening to your heart~
Plant your happiness this summer and enjoy!

~In Love & Faith~


  1. Sherri,
    OMG girl... you live in an aritsts paradise...Your personalized creations are so fun and unique.. You've given me an idea to repurpose our rusty fire pit just like yours! We share a love of many, art, repurposing and sharing beauty and horses... I don't have one YET... one day!!! :)
    I'm so glad our paths have crossed!
    Deb ( Dandelion House blog and MaryJanesFarm contributer, beach farmgirl blogger )

  2. Sherri, your gardens and outdoor space are beyond beautiful!! Just looking at the pics made me let out a relaxing sigh!! What an amazing area to have right outside your artspace! Thank you for sharing!

  3. You are so very sweet Deb!! So happy you enjoyed and that I could offer you some fun ideas! I am so glad our paths have crossed <3 as well! Have a beautiful weekend and talk soon!

  4. Thanks so much Cathy!! I am so glad that you enjoyed and felt the peacefulness that I am blessed to have found here as well:) Thanks for visiting!!

  5. Loved the visit to your gardens. I was just sitting here thinking how gorgeous everything is this spring and was wishing that I could transport it all to share with friends. Hmmmm, then saw this and thought, "think a photo tour is in order on my blog too". So later today, I think I will do something similar. Thanks Sherri, for sharing.

  6. OMG....I just love every nook and cranny. I felt so peaceful and tranquil looking at everything. It is absolutely a beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Lovely, Sherry. Thanks for sharing your garden. Though I've often shared individual shot of my garden on FB, you've inspired me to do a posting on the blog. Following you here now. Don't know why that didn't happen long ago??? Hope you'll come by and follow on mine too. Blessings.

  8. whoops, here it is:

  9. So, SO colorful and inviting! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! BTW, I envy you your lilacs. They are one of my favorites from my childhood in Michigan. Can't really grow them in the So Cal desert though.