Monday, May 19, 2014

"Beautiful Things In Small Packages"~ By WildHeart Art~ featuring Green Sneakers and Sin City Stamps

"Beautiful Things in Small Packages"
By WildHeart Art
 Featuring  Green Sneakers & Sin City Stamps

I love the romantic mindset where beautiful gifts are handmade and creative expressions of love given freely. Gone by the wayside is the art of creating lovely mail for someone special. Mainly because of the fact that we all live in an era where fast and immediate is the preferred way of receiving items. Sometimes the best and most precious things come in small packages! I was thrilled to find this fun and easy way of  creating envelopes with Kreate- a- Lope (by Green Sneakers)! You basically follow the directions and fold and cut and then the really fun part comes with the decorating! Just imagine receiving a  beautiful hand crafted envelope such as this!

Sizzix Machine
Sizzix Dies
 Full sheets of Collage paper for envelopes
Glue for sealing the envelope
Archival Stamp Pad in Sepia
Glitter glue
Acrylic paint
 Pitt Pen Marker-Purple

Start by using the Kreate-a-Lope template and collage papers and follow directions for creating the envelope.

Now time to put the design onto the envelope with the Sizzix Machine and dies.

 Place the paper into the folded dies and use the Sizzix machine as directed. You now have some beautiful raised patterns on your envelopes!

It is now time to decorate these beauties!
I used a Pitt pen to write the word "Life" on the side of the purple envelope and touched upon the raised areas with the Dew Drop Gold stamp pad.
I then stamped the butterflies down the left side and added some dots on the wings with acrylic paint and some glitter glue. The saying "Wings of love" on  are stamped on the back.

For the beige envelope I decided to use the Archival stamp pad in Sepia and highlighted the raised areas and for a bit more color I used dots of acrylic ink in turquoise blue.

I loved creating these  pretty envelopes, they were  so easy and you can be as creative as you would like with them!
Everyone loves to feel special and these most definitely ,when received in the mail...  
 will make someone feel very special!
~In Love and Faith~


  1. Wow! I love these, I bought the Sizzix machine 2 weeks ago to make some charms to make some jewelry for my granddaughters. You have given me the inspiration to make these beautiful cards. I love your work, so are such a talent artist. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So happy you enjoy girls!! Have fun creating!!