Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

I love to think outside of the box and create unique inspirational items both in my artwork and jewelry design. Below I have 3 of my favorite art projects with a tutorial at the end.

Creating sweet little houses is something I really enjoy and the more embellishments the better. I want people to connect with a feeling of happiness and joy when they see these houses. I create several types of houses both Victorian and Beach houses and love  the fun whimsical look infused with inspiration!

The next project that I enjoy creating is these "Blessing Boxes". They are little 5 x5 decorated boxes with  handmade tiles on the lid and hold inside heartfelt items,poems and anything that  is special and of meaning.

These polymer tiles are handmade and created to offer inspiration!
I enjoy using all kinds of embellishments and adornments to create  these one of  kind  "Blessings Boxes"!

The last project that is one of my favorites is these lovely leather beaded journals! It is so much fun to be able to work in something beautiful and unique when doing artwork or journal writing so that is the reason I decided to create these unique journals!

  I enjoy creating Vintage girls in my journals and here is one below that I designed on a wood  and call it
 "Paper Doll Parade".

Below is short tutorial on creating this sweet wooden
 Vintage paper doll girl. 


1 rectangle piece of wood about 3 x 8 or whatever you have on hand
Red Acrylic paint for painting the rectangle piece of wood
Paper doll "parts" ( head, legs, arms, wings,crown etc)
Metal key
Lace Ribbon
 Several Charms ( with jump rings)
Canvas tag
White fine tip pen
Inspirational Stamp for the lower half
Small "love" stamp
Stamp Pad ( I used  black Archival)
Welbond Glue ( for the metal key)
Mat  gel medium

  1)Begin by painting the wood rectangle with the red acrylic paint and let dry
2) Cut out the doll parts and glue them onto the rectangle with mat medium

3) Glue the Key onto the rectangle using Welbond Glue and let dry.

 4) Stamp the inspirational saying onto the bottom using the black stamp pad ink.

 5) Using your white pen, dot the edges of the paper doll around the rectangle.
 6) Stamp your canvas tag with the "Love" stamp.  Attach the canvas tag and little charms onto the lace ribbon with jump rings.  Bring the lace ribbon through the key at the top , tying to secure. 

 You now have created this fun little wooden Vintage Paper Doll !
Have a beautiful creative day!
~In Love & Light~

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  1. Sherri, it's so wonderful to see the art and creativity you give to your community! Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us. We are so honored you auditioned for our team! Happy Papercrafting, Charee and Joanna from Graphic 45