Friday, February 3, 2017

Doodle Fun Mania~ Creativity Anywhere!

Doodle Fun Mania!

YES you DO have enough time for creativity and art!  One of the things I enjoy doing is to sit down when the family is watching TV  and make use of that time for creativity and being able to be with your family! Doodling is something you can  start and stop at any point ,all you need is a minimal amount of supplies! Many times I take a small bag of pens and my journal on the plane to pass the time and be creative~ it works out great! 

You can incorporate doodles in many thing you do and have varying degrees of doodling in projects. I like to add them to my mixed media projects as well.

One of my favorite doodle projects is to create little fairy houses!

The possibilities are endless! I dont really have a favorite type of paper~ most will work well although you dont want an absorbent paper as you will want the gel pen ink to sit on top of the paper. My favorite white and black pens are Uniball Signo gel pens ans they also come in silver and gold! I also like creating with the Gelly Roll gel pens and those come in many colors ( metallics, brights,neons, souffle etc ) 

 Not to mention ....some white doodling in my black Dylusions journal! So much yummy fun!
So grab some pens and get doodling~ No excuses now:)

Have a Great Day Everyone!


  1. So much fun ! What's the deal with white they allways stop working for me I now have 4 and can't get them to write at all.

  2. Do you use the Signo's? Thats all I use and I have always had great luck!

  3. I love your art Sherri! Your doodles are so amazing. I love to play with colors in my journal too. I really should get to doing it more. This article inspires me. Love and hugs and thanks!

    1. Aww I am so very happy you enjoy Debbie <3 and have fun with your doodles:)

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    1. You just click on "follow" on the right hand side bar:) Have a great day Laura!