Thursday, March 15, 2012

~Finding new Ways to Be Creative with Art Glitter and Amazing Mold Putty~

Finding New Ways to be Creative~
There are so many amazing ways to use your creativity but first you must follow your loves and from there so many journey's will lead your heart to a place of " fun craziness"!! I must admit the more I research the things I "love"...  I  always come up with more things I would LOVE to do! Life is wonderful when you are in love, no matter what that "love" is. We have at our fingertips so many beautiful and interesting things to work with to make our lives fulfilled,creative and ever changing! It is important to find your niche' and  to strive to be unique with your ideas and applications. That is where "playtime" comes in! Find ways to have the time to play and be creative( and YES adults can still have playtime!!). Several great companies & ideas for creations that I would love to share with you are:
 " Art Glitter " Art Institute Glitter:
They have so many amazing shades and combinations of  shimmering glitter and items that will make your creations beautiful! Come and visit their blog for great ideas to effectively use these beautiful products at on a previuos blog here and on art glitter's you will also see the wonderful creations that were made by my  kids in the before and after school group that I work with.They couldnt get enough of the glitter, they were literally" shining" for the rest of the day!!
Amazing Mold Putty (
  Is another wonderful product which will help  create molds for your projects. It is a 2 part epoxy which can be molded to any surface of choosing and be able to accurately recreate that items surface. Anyone can use it effectively to personalize ideas and creations. For example... old  fancy buttons are a wonderful item to re -create with Amazing Mold Putty. The quick drying mold putty, when set up can then hold resin,PMC,crystal clay,polymer clay... you are only limited by your imagination! Visit their inspiring blog( to get creative ideas and have some fun seeing all the possibilities!
I hope I have been able to inspire you all to take the creative "plunge" and think outside the box for new ideas and concepts to incorporate into all that you love!

In Love & Light


  1. fun post. thanks for your submission to be on the Amazing Mold putty design team..