Thursday, March 15, 2012

“ Connie Crystal Design Team 2012 Audition”.

One thing I surely have a weakness for are BEADS!!! I love all shapes,colors, sizes and finishes but  crystal beads I just adore !!Their beautiful ability to come in so many awesome colors and also produce just the right bling at any given time is just amazing!! No matter what I create, I try to always have some sort of" bling" to make the piece "POP" and crystals fill the bill! Below is a free form sterling silver wire wrapped ring with the additon of a bit of "sparkle bling" with the light blue faceted crystals.

Crystals can turn the ordinary leather wrap bracelet into a "sassy wrap" with just a small amount of   crystal bling!

Or turn a pretty bracelet in to spectacular one!!

~ Project Sharing~
Spin Me Around Wire Wrapped Ring
To create your one of a kind" Spin Me Around" Sterling ring you will need about 12-18" of sterling 18 gauge dead soft wire. We will be forming the finger shape around a ring mandrel- 1 size larger than your normal size- so grab your wire and lets have some creative fun! Bend your wire( off center so that one side is longer to be able to wrap that end from one side to the other) around the ring at the 1 size larger spot than your normal ring size space on the mandrel,wrapping around and towards the back then wrapping around towards the front. In the front we will begin the wrapping with the side that has more of the wire ( enough to completely wrap around the ring from one side to the other) and just tightly wrap the ring closely till you end up at the other side. When you arrive at the far side, the fun of twisting the wire comes into play! Add several 3-4mm crystals and bend and shape as desired encompassing the crystals into a beautiful shape in the front of the ring as your focal. Tie in your end wire as it was a part of your design and make sure there are no sharp edges that might poke out.. And now you have a unique crystal studded wire wrapped ring!!

Leather Wrap Bracelet
I have always loved the leather and bead look and when I was creating these leather wraps I wanted to add a bit of "glitz" and crystals was the go to! These can be made as single, double or triple wraps ( as seen in the  ~Rain Tree~ wrap above) and there are many variatons on the design aspect. I like to create my single and doubles as one unit but with the triple wraps I will create 3 different but corresponding segments ( again as with the RainTree wrap). Here instructions will be given for a single leather wrap.
Choose leather -2mm size and measure out about  18 inches and fold in half. Meanwhile cut a length of beading thread ( I use Fireline-smoke-4 or 6lb ) about 2 1/2 ft long and fold ith in half togeter with the leather that is folded in half. Where it is folded ( both leather and fireline tie a loop and secure it. This loop will serve as  one sdie of the closure at the end. Work on the table with the leather and line secured at both ends ( I use large clips) and running lengthwise. Your leather will sit on either side with the fireline in the middle and threaded. You will want to go over and under the leather pieces at the very begining ( and ending) with the needle and thread a couple of times to secure the ends. At that point you are ready to sew your beads. 6mm are my favorite size for a main bead and then variations here and there for interest. Crystals  (3 or 4 mm) add just the right amount of bling to a casual look and a little bit of shimmer on your wrist!  To begin the beading process,you will want your thread to be starting each time from underneath the bottom piece of leather. Sew on a bead,securing it in the middle and going over the top leather piece and back through the bead in the middle, pulling down to underneath the bottom leather piece again. Continue in this manner until the you are finsihed ,where you will then secure the ends as you did in the begining... weaving back and forth and end with a surgeons knot. Find a pretty button to sew on as your closure and make sure it fits through the loop you began with on the other end. That is really all there is to it.. You also might want to secure it a bit more with Hypo Cement at each when starting and finshing the bracelet. Enjoy!
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