Monday, March 26, 2012

~Glitter Dancing~

Anyone who knows me knows that one of  my motto's is to celebrate every day of your life creating  "colorful and sparkly" days filled with everything fun and beautiful! ( we're only here once so make it awesome!)  When I decided to pick up my paint brush last weekend ( I use to enjoy painting and now will be incorporating it into my projects!) I thought it would be fun to add some additional sparkle to my subtle shimmer paints. I love the different qualities of all paints but totally LOVE the metallics and paints with a bit of "spark"! Using an ultra fine  glitter ( I love Art Glitter Institutes glitter and products!) I applied a gentle shake to the art glitter and watched as it magically cascaded onto the page creating a" Fairy Land" effect right in front of my eyes! It is the pretty effect of the Art Glitter that just seems to" dance" when the light  catches it and you cant help but smile!~ Your creation beautifully comes to life! Below are a couple of samples of some of the fun I have  had with adding art glitter to my artwork. Spraying with a clear coat of polyurethane on the finished project always helps to keep the glitter in place as an extra measure. So go grab your painting supplies and beautiful colors of Art Glitter  and make your projects even  more unique and special!  Most importantly remember to always 
~Celebrate your Life~
In love & light
The Glitter is a bit hard to see in pictures but in person the paintings" Dance" with shimmer!

~Audition for Art Glitter Guest Design Team~


  1. beautiful! I wish we could see the glitter a bit better, but I love the colors in your paintings.
    I have been wanting to paint again too, but that blank canvas in intimidating, and it has been so long my paints have probably dried up. But maybe this summer....

    1. I know!! It is one of those things that is so hard to capture! Just take the plunge and grab those brushes!!Enjoy!

  2. Love these, Sherri! Good luck!!!