Saturday, March 24, 2012

~Love It To Pieces~

Working with kids is such a joy and so much fun! I have had such wonderful opportunities to be creative with kids from organizing workshops and conferences to getting on the floor and painting banners with them! Kids are our future and giving them as many creative journeys as possible encourages them to have fun in life,find their passion and hopefully share what they learn and what they love in life with others! 
Last week we did such a fun project and gathered all the puzzle pieces that had no homes ( aka...." puzzles without  partners") and turned them into fun and funky puzzle jewelry! We began by selecting the puzzle pieces and then using a metal punch tool ( 1.25 mm) to  punch a hole in the tops of each piece where a jump ring and fish  hook style earring would go into. Once the holes are punched, coat the backs of the puzzle pieces with several coats of Designer Dries Clear ( letting the pieces dry in between coats)The next step would be to  then coat the front of the pieces and then add the beautiful "glitter touch"  with Art Glitter if a more decorative aspect is desired. Seed beads could also be used for a decorative "edge" The jump ring is  then inserted through the hole in the top and the fish hook earring is then attached to the jump ring.
 The kids loved doing the puzzle piece earrings and many other interesting ideas can come from using puzzle pieces in any creative design ! For this project we have used Art Glitter 's beautiful glitter and products!
 Have fun and offer joy to those around you with your beautiful creations~
~In Love & Light ~

~Audtion for Art Glitter Design Team~


  1. So glad you enjoy them!! They are an easy fabulous project to do with the kids!!! I loved doing it just as much too :)