Monday, April 2, 2012

~Light Up The Night Sky~

~Light Up The Night Sky~
Nothing is as pretty as a “shimmer of light on a summer evening” especially when in the garden. Creating these glittering candle holders was a lot of fun with the kids and so easy to create! The look we were wanting to achieve was a stained glass effect with the added bonus of YES you guessed it glitter!! We began with clear glass candle holders (any size) ,colored tissue paper ( torn into small pieces) Art GlitterDesigner Adhesive, Art Glitter  (we used “Queen’s Robe”),bead trim and several paint brushes to apply the adhesive.
Gather all the supplies and start by tearing the different colors of tissue paper into random small pieces. Then apply the designer adhesive and the tissue paper to the glass candle holder covering and over lapping  tissue paper pieces until the outside of the container is covered. Let dry and apply several more coats, smoothing out after each coat. For the final coat, the glitter is applied  and after coating with the adhesive sprinkle the glitter over the entire outside of the glass candle holder. Let dry , then measure out the ribbon /bead trim around the top of the candle holder,cut to fit then and apply with designer adhesive, smooth out and let dry. You now have a beautiful candle holder to light the night sky in shimmering style!! These also make an awesome Mother’s day Gifts for the kids to make!!

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