Monday, April 9, 2012

~Sea Glass ~
 A Meaningful Journey Traveled

We have a favorite spot in the Fingerlakes  that we call  "Sea Glass Island" and for the past 15 years we have taken many drives to this picturesque place right on the edge of the lake finding the most beautiful "sea glass" in all different shapes,colors and sizes. It is like a treasure hunt to find the prettiest colored ,most unique shape or size and there is always an abundance if you spend the time. It is crazy to think that these wonderfully adored pieces were once discarded and no longer wanted but after years of "wear and tear" floating aimlessly in the water, these sparkly jewels wash up on shore...... quietly.... And if you look hard enough, you see all that beauty.... a  gentle glimmer that catches your eye.
 In life.... it is very much like that.. The beauty that makes life meaningful  is that which has had a hard  journey and that which has so much still to offer ,with its quite beauty radiating from within. Sometimes the rough edges just need to be  worn down  and a softened appearance takes over, helping to put meaning to a journey worth traveling.
As I walk along the waters edge I wonder about these sea glass pieces.... the stories they could tell about their  meaningful journey.
Nicosha was 2 when we started collecting sea glass here and she still enjoys doing it all these years later!

Nika loves to go as well...  but she really is interested in the water and going swimming! 

Nicosha and I last year on our sea glass collecting adventure.. you have to be a little "wild and crazy".. its in the "rule book" :)

IndigoEarth's ~Sea Glass & Silver~ featured in the March 2012 issue of Bead Trends Magazine.

My newest Sea Glass creation "IndigoEarth's Sun & Sea Necklace

I enjoy creating jewelry or even mosaics from the sea glass I have collected. The necklace shown here that I created called "Sun & Sea"  has a nostalgic feel with a bit of whimsy from incorporating the crystal star charm at the top. Wire wrapping is  alot of fun and is a great way of adding interesting texture to the sea glass pendant. Wire wrapping is also a wonderful way to just be" random" and have fun with your piece!
~It is important to find pleasures in the small treasures in life~
In Love & Light~ Sherri
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  1. Wow..Sun n Sea is awesome..I love sea glass as well...I always collected it as a really create beautiful jewelry ..!

  2. I often wonder about the journey of sea glass too. you create beautiful pieces of it!

  3. OH so beautiful! We too have a spot on the lake near us that we find "sea glass" all the time...I just don't have much wire wrapping experience and until I do I guess it will just have to sit there waiting for me to create with it! :)

  4. So hard to find sea glass here where we live in Florida. But I love it ! my daughter found a piece and gave it to me the first time we went shelling. I want to learn to wire wrap so I can make something out of it. Congrats on the magazine Sherri .. your work is lovely !

  5. Beautiful Work! I have loved seaglass since I was a little kid in Florida...gosh, 40 years ago! I still love it and I love what you have done with the wirewrappings! HUGS, CJ

  6. Thank you everyone.. it was so nice to hear your "sea glass" experiences and so glad you enjoy my work!