Monday, April 23, 2012

~My Art Muse~

~My Art Muse~

My" Art Muse" has been  really tugging at my heartstrings lately  and I felt the need to take the plunge and dive in! I have really enjoyed the time spent painting ,doodling ,texturing and soaking up all the beautiful paint colors! For the past month when I have had the time  to" play" and the weather has been sunny and warm... I have been out on the deck  painting in the beautiful spring air! It is such a wonderful creative experience to take in everything around you and create something beautiful and meaningful! I have decided to let go of the frame of mind that I need a wonderful finished outcome at the end of the day~ Too much stress comes from that way of thinking and the creative journey gets lost.. which is a big reason why we start creating to begin with.... to enjoy the journey! So now  I now have no  perceived outcome when begining a project and also feel that if something doesn't come out the way I was hoping for to begin with.... that the change I am making to fix it will bring it to the place I am seeking! And funny as it always seems to fall that way. I do have several favorite artists and one happens to be Juliette Crane who I am now enjoying taking a fun on line art course called "How To Paint An Owl". I love her free spirited technique ( even using her hands and fingers for painting  textures!) That is what truly brings us closer to our passion... and  creates that connection to our creative journey. One creative process I really enjoy is "doodling"... it frees up that creative energy to flow onto the paper opening up your mind and heart.

Here are some of my favorite  art tools!! I have just recently purchased some LuminArte Twinkling H2O's and they are fabulous...  Soft  but vibrant watercolors  with the wonderful added benefit of mica,creating beautiful shimmer and glimmer to your painting project.

Below  is my" homework" from "How to Paint An Owl "workshop. These are my first attempts at doing colorful owls and I had a blast!!! They are drawn on paper I hand colored.

~I also have included some of my newest paintings below~

I am so glad that my" Art Muse" tugged at those heartstrings as I have  now rekindled my love of creating artwork, filled with explosions of color, texture,design and allot of" heart" <3
 May you always pay attention to those "muses" inside  as they are there to help guide your journey  forward filled with love,creativity, peace and contentment!
~In Love & Light~
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  1. Thank you so much Jane~ so glad you enjoyed!

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