Friday, April 20, 2012

~Southern Charm~

I just got back from a wonderful vacation with my daughters with a small amount of work mixed in... Now when I say "work" I really don't mean it in the traditional sense of the word. If you have a  passion for something in life and you are lucky enough to be able to pursue it.... I don't feel that it's work. I am blessed with a passion for life and love everything creative! We all need something for "our soul" and creating is mine:) My mind is always looking from another perspective such as .."how does that look in a picture frame or how would that come together as a piece of jewelry.. my mind is always going and keeping me busy! When my daughters and I were at the beach in Charleston SC I looked at all the beautiful broken shells and thought ..".What can I do with these beautiful broken shells"... they aren't whole but why should that diminish from their beauty? I started finding all kinds of interesting shaped broken pieces of shells and thought that when I returned home that I would do something fun and creative with them ( so stay tuned!)
 Remember just because something isn't whole... doesn't mean it isn't beautiful and useful in its own right...." There is beauty in everything if we seek it"
The  "working" part of the vacation was a day spent at the" Beaded Venus" meeting some wonderful woman and teaching them how to create jewelry with beaded stitches and wire wrapping. It was  a full day with 2 workshops ( one in the am and one in the afternoon) both filled so it was an exciting day!
~Here is the last workshop of lovely ladies and Jen the owner of" Beaded Venus" is to my right~

~First workshop of lovely ladies beginning their jewelry making journey~

~Second workshop and see what beautiful rings these creative ladies  made!~

~Second workshop of ladies choosing bead colors~

~Finished creations!~

~Sea Glass and Silver wrap rings! Great designs amongst this group of lovely ladies!~

And here is my" helper" my daughter Nicosha after 6 hours of workshops... she said at the end " Mom you OWE me big time".. Can you tell she isn't into jewelry making! She has been coming with me to teach workshops since she was teenie weenie!!!

So I just want to Thank you  Jen for the wonderful opportunity to share  my creations and be with so many wonderful ladies!
In Love & Light


  1. Great post and it looks like you are good at teaching others how to make jewelry.

    1. I love to share with others and help inspire them to be creative and have fun~ Life is beautiful canvas to be decorated! So glad you enjoyed!

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you and to have you teach me wonderful things to make. Jane Knaub (second class)

    1. Hi Jane! It was wonderful to meet you and so glad you enjoyed the workshop and felt inspired!!