Sunday, April 15, 2012

~Fairies In Your Garden~ Submission for Hobby Baby

 ~Fairie Catcher~

~Fairies In Your Garden~

Expanding your imagination and purely having fun is what its all about when creating! Your work and what you offer the world is all about you and your inner "art heart". My heart is in so many  wonderful places that I feel blessed....  one of the things that is close to my heart is gardening. I love  plants and flowers ,color, texture, and the way the sunlight and moonlight hit the gardens.Another beautiful sight is the birds,butterflies,hummingbirds and dragonflies that all come to visit my gardens to say "HI". I creatively like to think that little "garden fairies" (wink) come to visit my garden at night while were all asleep :) So when designing this project for my submission to Hobby Baby for a Design team member position,  I decided to do something fun and crazy to hang in my garden, "A Fairie Catcher"!  I  began by gathering up some items (including items from other projects that were leftover) and used the beautiful crystal sun catchers from Connie Crystal to just  create away!
In this design I used a piece of driftwood  for the top  and connected all the components with wire ( I used 20 gauge copper wire because I wanted movement with the wind without all the tangles ( what would  likely happen if I used clear line). I then incorporated the main pieces which were the sun catchers and the main copper rectangle ( I applied the patina with alcohol ink's in random colors for colorful effect). In  the copper rectangle I also punched some random holes to break up the effect of the single piece of copper. I then added some wire wrapping (incorporating seed beads), a  circular gold etched  focal ,antiqued brass keys (at the bottom) with inspirational sayings and MORE beads :) The copper ovals behind the Connie Crystal Sun catchers are actually a pair of earring components which added background to the sun catchers. From there I added  metal stamped copper  disks, butterfly charms and wrapped seed beads with  3-4 mm crystals creating tiny sparkles here and there. This "Fairie Catcher" is to be hung in the garden somewhere where it twinkles and glistens in the sunlight but most of all, where the fairies can come and use the  brass keys to open "magical garden doors" and the crystals to illuminate the way down "mystical pathways".
 Most of all....It is important to remember to "get lost" in your creations from time to time!
~In love & Light~



  1. what a fun post.. thanks for your submission to be on the Hobby Baby Design team...

    1. Thank you Terri! So glad you enjoyed and have a great day~