Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~Gone Fishin~

~Gone Fishin~
Living in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State there are so many wonderful areas to take the kids fishing. My daughter Nicosha grew up going Bull Head fishing every April with her dad and brothers and went late at night and stayed until they caught their" fill "then came home. She loves those memories and like most kids around here it was part of growing up and exploring the world around them. Now I am not a good one to take fishing.... as my husband would always say.." stop talking your scaring the fish away"! What.. ME.. stop talking??? That wasn't going to happen..! Or maybe that was his excuse for empty fish buckets when he came home.. So needless to say I don't go fishing with him anymore! So this project with the kids I work with at the community center has a bit of nostalgia woven in as we created colorful fish from paper,markers,Art Glitter,old buttons and even a branch for a fishing pole!!
We started with a large fish stencil which the kids traced ( two at time -front and back) and after tracing ,cut them out. Then they worked on the fun part which was creating their own "rainbow fish" from all the fun supplies!
The Art Glitter was a perfect choice for decorating since when in" real life" when the fish are caught you see them "shimmer and glimmer" in the sun! After our fish were finished they too" glimmered and shimmered" when the light hit them,creating an effect of dancing colors in front of our eyes! To finish up our projects we stapled the 2 colored and glittered cut out fish together and left a small opening to be able to stuff the fish with shredded paper. As you can see below these fish were sure pretty and quite a sight hanging from the wooden pole! It was a very easy,colorful and creative project for the kids  and one they really enjoyed creating! At the end we decided to hang the pole and the fish on the art room wall and enjoyed seeing these colorful creations everyday!
Here are some of the kids who created these wonderful "Rainbow Fish"

"Fancy Pants" Fish all glittered up and colorful!

This one is a fish with many eyes!This fish doesnt know whether he's coming or going !

 And here they are hanging on the art room wall!!

~Have a beautiful journey and create with love~
In Love & Light

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