Sunday, April 29, 2012

~A Wrinkle In Time- Celebrating Textures~

 ~A Wrinkle In Time- Celebrating Textures~

Beauty surrounds us everyday and offers us even its' littlest of gift's with such amazement.... but only for eyes that choose to see it. It is all about opening your eyes up to those" little gifts" everyday and seeing the magic and beauty that it posses. I remember when I was first getting to know my husband one of the things that touched me about him was his ability to see such beauty in even the smallest of natures wonderments. One time we were standing by a huge hydrangea bush and I was taking in the scenery around me..( AKA the "big picture") when he looked at me and quietly and said..." Shhhh...Do you hear that?" (meanwhile, I am looking around me trying to find out what he is talking about) and he said again " shhhh... just listen". I then heard the sweet buzzing of those busy bees scurrying to collect every grain of pollen... some so full of pollen they looked like they were wearing" pollen pants"!! From that day forward I looked at things differently, paying special attention to the wonderful " details" that are woven into our everyday lives. Colors and textures are just a few "adornments"  that fill our lives with diversity and excitement!

~Shells from the beach~

~Tree stump with small simple flowers~

~Lovely patina on a copper kettle~

~Copper pendant,and sea glass and shells with hand painted patina~

~I love the sparkle and beautiful of crystals~

When out on walks or venturing anywhere for that matter I am always wondering what something would look like on a canvas or paper.. must be the" artists mentality" :) I love to sit out on the back deck and just create with all kinds of things.. Whether it is painting, creating jewelry or hand knitted scarves... the outside world is full with a richness that adds so much to the foundation of my work!

"I love to use many different textures in whatever design work I do!"

~Bead Woven Bracelets~

~Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet~

~Vintage silver plated spoons and forks created into unique inspirational bracelets~

~The casual elegance of leather and crystals~

~Beaded bracelets in all colors and textures~

~Spiral beaded bracelet~

~Copper Cuff with color creating the texture!~

~Earrings that have been stamped with alcohol inks to provide that richness of texture~

~Necklace with many textures and corresponding colors~

~Hand knitted textured scarf~

~Textured Hand Knitted Scarves~

~Ruffled Scarf in rich raspberry and plum shades~

~"Watercolor " Hand knitted Scarves~

Below...  a beautiful" palette" of seed beads that create the perfect" eye full" when also combined with the ruffled scarf!

~Ruffled Handmade Scarves~

Life is filled with such beauty, colors and textures all of  these  elements  contribute greatly to what gives things "LIFE".
Enjoy this amazing day and create what you LOVE... and LOVE what you create...
~In Love and Light~

I also want to thank Dion Dior for the beautiful write up she did on me and my work in her latest blog..
"An Artist You Should Know" I was thrilled and honored to share and especially since I think her artwork is amazing! Visit Dion Dior 's Blog
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  1. Thanks for being a part of my Artist You Should Know series Sherri. I just adore your art and creativity and think you are a beautiful person. Hugs xx