Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~The" Magic" Behind the Artwork~

~The Magic Behind the Artwork~

I have always been connected to nature and would love to just sit in my garden and admire in amazement the beautiful colors and textures around me. The smell of the flowers intoxicates the air and always brings the inspirational aspect to a higher level! Years ago we purchased a sad old Victorian in a small town in Upstate NY that was always known as the "Scary House" in the neighborhood... upon further inspection we found it just needed some TLC! At first the house just needed soooo much it was hard to know where to start! But both my husband and I felt a pond/waterfall out back (where not even grass was growing!) would be a great place to start as we both love flowers and plants and wanted to create a peaceful garden area. It was the first pond we ever built and we were thrilled with the outcome! From there, we added on more gardens around the back yard, there were even Koi fish in the pond that we would feed every morning... It was such a place of peacefulness that couldn't compare. Even at night the garden shimmered as if the fairies were wandering  through when the little white lights were woven around the pond area gardens. What an amazing place for inspiration!

As the years went by our youngest daughter Nicosha got involved in 4H, raising and showing animals and since we lived in a small town we weren't able to have them there. We felt a place in the country would be best and we left this beautiful place that I so loved. If we could have moved the house to the place with the 11 acres that we have now...we would have done it in a heart beat! But that wasn't the case and so we left only bringing with us those beautiful memories of a beautiful home, outdoor evenings and days spent working in the gardens.
The front and side of the house (below)

So off we went to our next journey that included  land, a barn and lots of animals in that barn!
Now we have a beautiful view of the 8 acres of woods in the back and I am trying each year to add on more gardens and hubby has promised me the pond and waterfall would be finished this summer ( even though it has been 3 years!) 

We have been very busy getting things going around here but I always remember to take the time and enjoy those beautiful bits of inspiration the garden holds. When I paint I sit out on the back deck and am thankful for the beautiful surroundings I now find myself in and enjoy the birds that sing and the flowers that bloom around me . These are the things that help create the" magic" within out hearts and offer the ability to be able to apply that to our artwork.

I also enjoy finding fun" JUNK" and giving it a pretty home in the garden! Inspirational messages in the 
garden are also a wonderful addition!



This huge vase had a big crack in it and "voila" add some plants and place in the garden!
This was a" true junk" find as this old  room coal heater from the 40's was on the side of the road and I put the bird cage on top of  and filled it with plants and headed it towards the garden!

~That SPECIAL MAGIC is all around you if you have the eyes to see it~
In love & Light


  1. Thank you Diane :) so glad you enjoyed!

  2. My Favorite memory about my Mom are the ones we are creating now...we laugh about everything each time were together..shes 80..!