Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Creative Magic Series With Featured Artisan Sandi Tygar!!

~Creative Magic~
So happy to able to announce our first "wildly creative" woman for our "Creative Magic Series each Wendnesday!! Sandi Tygar  is a kind soul and her artwork reflects her fun and creative side.She also will be offering several workshops at our" Wild Heart Art Retreat" right on Folly beach in South Carolina in the fall of 2013~ So stay tuned for that as well~ It will be an awesome adventure!!

I am a late bloomer in the art world. Up until I was in my 40's I didn't have a creative bone in my body - at least I didn't think so. One day about 9 years ago, my girlfriend dragged me (kicking and screaming) to a Creative Memories Scrapbooking party. She didn't want to go alone, and apparently I owed her one. I ended up loving playing with paper, and while I didn't continue scrapping in the CM style, I continued scrapping for many years. Once I discovered there was a way to connect with other scrappers online, I jumped in with both feet. I discovered a love for message boards and the community of other people that loved to do what I do.

In January of 2011 I was gifted Soul Restoration taught by Melody Ross. That class changed my life... It also introduced me to Mixed Media. I discovered a love for the forgiving nature of MM - if you don't like the way something looks, layer over it!!

After Soul Restoration 1, I did Soul Restoration 2, which made me sit down and really look at where I wanted to take my life. Set my goals, then work toward them. And everything brought me back to creating art. Going to Brave Girls Camp cemented my dream. 

I took class after class online, and learned more and more about mixed media, drawing faces, color. I actually just taught my own online class which is running right now - 'I doodle, do you?' which was a TON of fun, and I'm working on 'I doodle too, two, 2!' now, which should have a start date of July 15th. I've already got a 3rd class rumbling around in my brain - I love teaching others to create something - because there is no better feeling in the world!

My perfect day would be a rainy one (so that I don't feel the pull of the sun outdoors) spent in my studio, peace and quiet, just creating and playing all day. With occasional facebook breaks. Since part of the fun is showing people what I'm working on!!

And YES she has awesome rain boots just like that in real life:)

Sandi's latest Creations.. beautiful and full of creative life!

Thank you Sandi for all the beauty you add to our everyday lives! Visit her blog also for details on workshops she offers!!

~In love & Light~

And please let us know if you would like to be featured in this fun weekly series!! 


  1. Thank you, Sherri! xoxo Can't wait for next year!

  2. Wow! That was beautiful! I think anyone and everyone should take the I doodle do you class! It has changed my life.

  3. Yay!!!!!!! SO SO proud of you Sandi!!! <3

  4. Happy Dancing!!!! Love Sandi and also her art!!

  5. Yes, Sandi is wonderful and I love her art and taking her class! I love her doodles!!! She is so brave and I admire that.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful! I just adore Sandi & she is so very talented,& so creative.What a beautiful Soul!!