Friday, June 22, 2012

~Fun & Funky Garden Art #2~


I cant tell you how much I love to create a beautiful garden for not only my enjoyment but more importantly for family and friends to gather and have fun! 

Our last home was a beautiful old Victorian  ( which was the "scary house" on the block when we bought it.. no gardens or even grass in the back yard !) So we basically started from scratch!

 Over the 12 years we lived there we gradually fixed it up and brought it back to its beautiful self. One thing we did every summer was to expand and improve upon our gardens and ponds, which gave us such joy.

 Over the 12 years we've had 2 garden weddings ( one was mine to my husband Russ and the other one was my  beautiful daughter Ashley's wedding to her husband Joel). My husbands 50th (surprize) Birthday Bash and a wedding shower.Also including many other birthday parties and just relaxing times sharing good company.

Many beautiful moments happen in the garden

 and I love to create spaces of  comfort and serenity and many of us know how expensive that  trip to the store can be by the time you buy plants,garden furniture,seeds, the " fun things" seem to be put  on the back burner. So that is why I thought this series would be fun because I have been known to create and showcase "crazy" things in the garden... just ask my husband!! I even taught workshops on creating the fun,funky and recycled for the garden!!
Yes we have had old vintage bikes with ivy in each side basket climbing on it and a huge old mirror hanging on the side of the carriage house!  So I will share many of my "secrets" including projects I have done or am in the process of doing each week! I think a garden should be fun and "talked about" :) In a good way of course! I love to help inspire other people to think outside the box and find their creative self!
A beautiful addition of a trellis to have the vertical view of color

Believe it or not... I found this on the side of the road and come to find out it is an antique coal stove! I added a faux birdcage to the top with a trailing plant inside.

Well, instead of moving this HUGE stump I figured I would just use it as a plant stand! I put a basket on top and added  a pretty combination of annuals.  

This is a 3 foot tall vase that was on clearance as it was chipped on top... I got it VERY inexpensively and figured that you would never see the top anyway once it was turned into a planter! I filled the base with Styrofoam peanuts 3/4 full and then placed a planted pot inside ... Voila.. saved a ton of money and it looks great!
Pocket basket hung on the side of the arbor filled with lobelia.

Over the the summer I will  also share with you all some funny situations and interesting stories on my journey to find ,forage and foster a unique and amazing garden experience!! I wanted to give you a peak and share with you my  many gardens ( some I have had to leave behind and others are yet to create!), fun and funky ideas and next week we have  a very interesting and useful project creating a table from something most people just through away!!  I look forward to seeing you each Friday and  feel free to send  me pictures of your garden art or creations for the blog! We will have a section each week to share with each other here on my blog!! So have an awesome day and ENJOY your garden!
~In Love & Light~