Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Design Team Project for Arnold Grummer Handmade Papers

~ Funky Artist Rolled Basket~

I have always loved to step" outside the box" and find unique and fun ways to create items! I currently am on the Connie Crystal Design Team and in the past have been a guest designer for Art Glitter Institute and absolutely love the creation aspect and connecting with fun new artistic people like myself!
 I seem to be"space challenged" and am always looking for more of it to hold my art goodies ! I am tired of the plastic bins,wicker baskets ect.. and wanted something  more "artsy and funky" to hold some of my lighter art supplies like pens,brushes, scrapbook papers ect. so I designed this unique art basket! I wanted it to be free form yet needed to have some sort of framework to it in the beginning so I used a balloon and as you can see below it was very easy using common art supplies and I was happy with the results... I will now be making more!

8-10 oz of Mod Podge
Assorted papers ( tissue and scrap)
Balloon ( blown up)
Paper bowl

1) Gather all supplies and the blown up balloon.
2)Set the balloon in a paper bowl to help hold your project off the table
3)Start ripping up the tissue papers into random sizes and apply to the balloon with Mod Podge,smoothing over the balloon. Keep randomly applying to create layers of tissue paper and Mod Podge until you have about 5-8 layers.( The bottom on the balloon in the bowl will be left open).
4) Apply some decorative papers on top in a random fashion. as this will be the decorative finish.
5) Let the project dry for about 5-6 hours and then pop the balloon and discard. The project will then take a day or two to harden up and dry sufficiently for use.

 You now have a fun and funky new art piece that can also double as a storage basket!!
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  1. What a fun project.. thanks for your submission to be a part of the arnold grummer's DT

  2. Thanks Terri and glad you enjoyed it!