Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun & Funky Gardens"-Life is Too Short"

~Fun & Funky Garden Art Series~

I love "Whimsy" in the garden and beautiful little cherubs are one of my favorites! Especially this one that would blow you a kiss each morning when you came out to look at the gardens! She sat right at the edge of the pond one toe in the water and the other beside her~ it always put a smile on my face every morning! That is what gardening is all about... not how "picture perfect" your garden is....  but how perfect YOUR picture of it is. It should make you smile and bring joy to your heart when you are in this place of wonderment surrounded by beautiful flowers rich with color and texture.

A birdhouse I made with glass baubles and decorations.It almost looked like a gingerbread house!

A re-purposed large vase for the garden
I love candles in the garden at night and would take them and place them around the gardens on high stands or pillars and it was beautiful ( if the wind cooperated!)

And every once in awhile a hummingbird or bee would visit and dance from  flower to flower looking for nectar. I would always tell my students in the garden workshops that if you want to put a silly looking scarecrow in the middle of your flower garden.... then DO IT... if it makes you smile.... DO IT!
 Life is too short  and every opportunity you have to feel happiness or offer that to someone else who appreciates your love of life,then you should!
"Fairy Secrets"

An old copper kettle that has such a beautiful patina!

 Finding little treasures and re-purposing these items for the garden , gives your garden an opportunity to be that "special place" that creates so much fun,laughter and peace, so if your neighbors don't like that old scarecrow... they have no sense of humor and really should enjoy life more!!And some might think a chair in the garden is silly too.... OH WELL :) As I said "life is TOO Short" and you should enjoy!, don't worry about what others might think.. "Live Life on the Edge"..LOL

An old wooden chair in the corner.. a visual rest for the mind

This is an old bee box that we put to good use!


"Life is amazing  with its simple pleasures and beautiful gifts that are free....if only we have eyes to see them"

~In Love & Light~

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