Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun & Funky Garden Series~ "Sweet Dreams"~ Crystal Antique Bed Frame

~Sweet Dreams~

In the spring my husband came back from his walk in our woods with a "present for me"... A beautiful rusty old  child's size iron bed frame!!! Whoo... I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time,but I was excited ( as many of you know I love to find "treasures") and looking forward to doing something fun with it!

Connie Crystal , besides offering beautiful crystal shapes and colors, also offers beautiful sparkling pre-strung sun catchers  and so I have been waiting for the opportunity to add them to something fun and unique! it was very easy to add a bit of sparkle and " blig it up"!

 1) I started with wrapping the center rung with a 2-3 ' pre- strung length of octagon CC crystals and secured with wire.
2) I then placed the sun catchers across the top rung of the iron headboard frame hanging down to balance out the look. You can use whatever combination of crystals/ colors/sun catchers you would like , but I used 2 clear  sun catchers and 2 with pearl beads) on either side. I also included a beautiful large round single  sun catcher crystal and hung it from the bottom rung.

I love to add whimsy to my gardens so when finished this, I placed it upright in the garden right by the hammock so when we are relaxing on the hammock we can look over and see the beautiful shimmer and "colors of the rainbow" that dance from the bed frame! It really does look beautiful when the sun hits it!
Gives a new meaning to the word ":Flower Bed" :)

Here it is close up but it is hard to catch the pretty shimmer this project gives off... It also sends little" flashing spots of color " on the ground around it when the sun hits it just right! Maybe now we can attract "Garden fairies"! I hope you all have fun creating and thinking outside the box!! As my husband says..."Your ideas and projects are UNIQUE" alright !! He doesn't put anything past me now and knows he can bring ANYTHING home from ANYWHERE and I will  create something fun and funky!
~In Love and Light~

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