Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~Create Your Own Beautiful Journey~

Did you ever stop to think about your life's journey or have you got caught up in the day to day craziness, over looking what is important on "your" journey in life? Everyone needs something different to provide their inner soul comfort,peace and "nourishment". As we say in our family" it is what feeds our soul ,sparks our passion and provides us with our beautiful journey in life!"

For some, it is as simple as a walk in the woods ,connecting with nature and for others it is more,such as working with their hands and needing to create for their soul to breathe... I would fall into the  last category as all through life I have always been creative in one sense or another and needed that outlet in my life.

I love to garden and work with  the soil, seeing what beautiful things I can create from a seed and just the soil. It is a wonderful thing to create from the ground up whether it is from the soil or the canvas.... to create something from virtually nothing is an amazing feeling! We all have that ability, but we all don't need that for our soul". Finding whatever it is that you need to nourish your soul and feel complete is the most important gift you can offer yourself.

Set your sights to create that beautiful journey that you need in your life... the universe takes care of the

I feel that in life you must try whatever you feel might "spark that inner light" within you and sometimes it is a journey of trying many things before something "clicks". As I had mentioned, I enjoy gardening along with creating jewelry,knitting,cooking, making quilts,artwork and most of all teaching and sharing with others what I have learned... and all of this fills a purpose within my  heart and soul.

Most of all the biggest thing you can offer yourself on your beautiful journey is to be what you truly are on the inside..not what others want you to be~ Be true to yourself and  love yourself as the beautiful unique individual you are!

A bracelet inspired by Brave Girls to" First Love Yourself" (F.L.Y.)

 Wild Heart Art Mixed Media Love
~Wild Heart Art- May your Dreams Carry You Far~

Don't be afraid to try new things ... Don't be afraid of the journey... growth only happens when we can step outside of our comfort zone and go upon "Faith". That one word is very powerful and means the world to me... I walk in faith everyday and especially this year it has been what I would call... a" hike" in faith !! I must say though I am so thankful for the journey as I have become at times, as we all have... side tracked or sideswiped  over the years,I have learned some very valuable lessons in love,forgiveness,faith,healing and hope...and they have made me into the person I am today... And we must also know that we are all a beautiful work in progress:) That is why everything I create has a positive message or meaning and I hope in sharing with others, it can help them along in their journey as well.

For those of you who want to take a creative journey with me I am offering a 4 week on line workshop called "Embrace the Art Within Your Heart" Starting September 12th. (Doing at your own pace) It is filled with fun techniques,ideas to get your creative mojo flowing, projects such as creating our own creative art journals ,mixed media, sharing my favorite supplies and so much more!! A basic Art Kit with Claudine Helmuth's supplies also is included! On September 1st  we will also be opening up a unique creative art supply store offering all my favorite art supplies that I  love to create with !!
 So come join us & be
 ~Wildly Creative~

~ Always Walk In Faith~

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