Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~Creative Magic Series~ Featuring " Na La"

~"Creative Magic" Featuring Na La~

"I was born, raised and still reside on the north side of Chicago. By default, that makes me a Bears, a Blackhawks and a true blue Cubbie fan. I've had a varied career of mostly blue collar type jobs. I guess I'm just a hands on type of girl. I'm also a live and let live kind of person and possess a great love for all things flora and fauna. One of my favorite quotes comes from French philosopher and writer, Michel de Montaigne: "Let us permit Nature to have Her way. She understands Her business better than we do." 

I've been a DIYer and a crafter for many years. I got started during a particularly difficult time in my life when I desperately needed a constructive outlet for my stress. It just so happened that "do it yourself" programming was rampant on television at the same time, and I began watching the early HGTV, Discovery Channel and DIY cable shows. Almost everything they did on those shows, I wanted to try. So, without any prior indication that I possessed any sort of measurable talent, I plunged myself head first into the world of creativity. 

Much to my surprise, I seemed to have a bit of talent in a variety of areas. I've tried my hand at interior decorating, decorative painting, drawing, decoupage, making my own greeting cards, scrap booking and anything else that sparked my interest. These various adventures led me to the world of jewelry design, and soon jewelry by NaLa was born. 

In early 2009, a friend of mine suggested I try to sell my jewelry on Etsy, but I had never heard of Etsy back then and didn't pay much attention to her advice at the time. I was doing the craft show circuit, but with table fees quickly becoming unaffordable for me, I began thinking about what my friend had told me about Etsy and decided to check out the website.

I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found there and couldn't wait to set up my very own shop. I was completely jazzed about the idea of putting together an unlimited line of jewelry and displaying it just the way I wanted--all without having to schlep it to and from craft shows. The site features and the wonderful people I found there quickly convinced me I was in the right place.

I believe that what makes my shop special is staying true to myself. I'm a self taught jewelry maker, and I take pride in what I've been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time. My jewelry and my style reflect my personality. Both have gently evolved over time, and I've learned that making what I love is important to my selling success. I think vintage style jewelry reflects mystery and romance, and that theme is now dominant throughout my shop.

"I hope the love, joy and pride I feel when making my jewelry shows through in the final product and that it's what draws customers to my shop. Nothing would make me happier"

Thank you Na La for sharing your beautiful talent with us and  we wish you much success!!

~In Love & Faith~


  1. A wonderful lady and talented artisan - love the romantic vintage style that her jewelry brings to everyday - well done great article

  2. Thank you for featuring me and my Etsy shop on your beautiful blog, Faith and Sherri ... ;)