Thursday, September 6, 2012

Art Journaling with Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kits

I love to combine different types of textures,colors and effects in my art journals and mixed media,it gives so much complexity and interest to a finished piece . Making my own beautiful papers for my artwork is creative in itself with all the different specialty pulps,glitters dried,botanicals ect. that can be added, it is so much fun with   Arnold Grummer's Paper Making kit. It is also very easy  to make them and offers so many opportunities for creative art work. Below I will be sharing some examples of incorporating these handmade papers into  beautiful  pages in your art journals! 
To Begin with, gather all your creative items like paints,stamps/ink,glitter, artistic pens and makers.. what ever you might like to be able to add your creative touch to the pages!
I love to use old books or inexpensive ones and you can either gesso or paint a base on the page before starting.

Once you have let that base coat dry you are on your way!!

These little papers were created using the small template of 4, available from Arnold Grummers, they are just the perfect size for the art journals!!

I also prepared some tags ahead of time to use when needed in my art journals or mixed media. One of the tags I used in the project below.

When gluing these handmade papers down I used Mod Podge but only enough to secure it down.. too much  will cause the paper to re wet and break down. I then applied paint and glitter over the top.. again just enough for color. This Maple leaf was created by making the paper and then pressing it into a small mold
 (  this is maple leaf mold and they have others to select from..  also holiday themed molds!!)

 On this page I used the 3 fold heart note card  template by Arnold Grummer and made the paper.When dried, I secured the heart down with the Mod Podge and embellished it with markers and glitter glue!

These last pages are fun little "pocket pages" that pretty poems, quotes or prayers  can be stored in as daily reminders....
All you would do to create these is to glue down three sides leaving the top open. I then stamped around the pocket and placed a metal tag on top for a pretty touch.

I so much have enjoyed creating with Arnold Gurmmer's Paper Making products and hope you will stop by and visit their website to see all the fun ideas and ways to make beautiful papers they offer!!
Have a beautiful, fun and creative day!
**For those of you who LOVE to create I have an online workshop starting next week ( last week to sign up)" Embrace the Art Within Your Heart" where will discover all the amazing ways to be creative... making your own art journals is one of the things we will be doing!! Basic Art kit and Art Journal included!!  It is a do at your own pace video workshop open until the end of the year!

~In Love & Faith~


  1. this is just amazing what a great job you did!!

  2. Aww.. thanks so very much Monica!! So glad you enjoyed!!Have a beautiful day!!