Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creative Magic Series Featuring ~ Beads By Lampwork~

When I saw these  little beauties come across my FB page I just fell in love with them!! They are so beautiful with such character you just want to smile!! So I am so happy to Introduce you to" Beads By Lampwork"

Tell us about yourself:
I am married to a wonderful man Don Wolfe, who is also a glass artist, my teacher and partner. We have 2 children, 2 yrs. old named KC and 6 months old named Cass. At the age of 26, I met my husband who has been flameworking for 2 years. Prior to meeting my husband I had never heard of flameworking or Lampwork beads. I used to sit beside him watching making beads and would asked him to let me try it. It was hard in the beginning; my first beads were wobbly and out of shape and totally messed up. I did not get discourage, with good faith and self confidence it finally became possible to create beautiful pieces of art.

What type of training do you have?
I learned flameworking with my husband who is a self-taught glass artist.

Do you make jewelry/beads full-time. 
I am a full time homemaker; we currently do not make jewelry, only lampwork beads.

Interests outside of beads/jewelry
We love the beach, fishing, boating, cooking out and camping among other family fun activities.

Tell us about your beads/jewelry:
Every bead is unique and one of a kind. Each is handcrafted individually in the flame of a torch fire with love and care. They are wearable art work that is full of colors and life. They are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to insure lasting strength, beauty and durability. We use the highest quality glass rods available that are imported from Italy, Germany among other places.

How & When did you get started making jewelry?
When I met my husband, who is a self taught glass artist on 2006, then I was hooked immediately.

How would you define your design style?
Each of my pieces is unique, one of a kind, full of colors and life and will stand the test of time.

What materials do you work with most often/
Moretti-Effettre, Lauschia, Vetrofond, Double Helix, Reichenbach, Gaffer and other soft glass.

What materials would you love to explore but haven't gotten around too yet/
Borosilicate glass

Do you have a studio?  
I make our beads in our home studio here in sunny Florida

Any favorite tools?
I love all of my tools as they helped me forming my piece of art. Some of my favorites are a simple mandrel that is worn to a sharp point to create the bubble effects in my owl’s eyes, a graphite paddle to press the 
beads flat, I really like my bead presses as well.

Tell us about your business:
Our business is making handmade lampwork glass beads. Each of them are unique and one of a kind. It is a work of art that adds style and fashion in a way that will help expresses your unique self.

Where do you exhibit sell?
We only sell our beads online, we have 2 Ebay accounts. - only for owls and other artwork we sell as pictured. - for both, sell as what on the picture and beads made to order.

Do sell just beads, just finished jewelry, or both?
We only sell Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads.

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know this wonderful glass bead making pair from Beads By Lampwork!!

~In Love & Faith~


  1. These beads are gorgeous ;~D always nice to hear about the person behind the art

  2. Oh, these are just adorable!! Great feature, Sherri!

  3. I've tried lampwork and it's not easy. These are stunning and I can truly appreciate how much patience and love of craft it took to produce them. Really beautiful.