Monday, November 12, 2012

~ Cheap & Easy~ Beautifully Updated Frame!

I have always enjoyed giving a new "face lift" to tossed items... I have a funny way of seeing their potential ( even if no one else can!) So when I can across this 3 dimensional silver colored frame in a second hand store, I already could envision the sun setting behind the birch trees and knew I could make it pretty again! The frame was something like 50 cents and for that price... you can do anything!!

Here you see the way the frame looked before and what I did was to  use Tim Holtz alcohol inks in cranberry,butterscotch, lettuce and metallic gold. I randomly applied  the alcohol inks to  the pad and  then applied the pad of color to the whole frame. I dabbed in all directions to give a random effect.

To finish off the frame I painted the birch trees in white gloss acrylic paint , leaving the background looking like the sun setting behind the trees... The finishing touch was to use a small amount of black ink and work it into the trees to give more texture and depth. It definitely was a fun project and I love the way it turned out!! Now I just have to decide what photo to put in it?????

 Have fun  and always look for the beautiful potential  in all that you find!!
~In Love and Faith~


  1. This is a knock-out! It sure doesn't look like any 50¢ picture frame I ever saw! Your technique is fairly similar to the way I produce faux metal looks - but I never thought of actually using it on metal...thanks for the inspiration!

  2. very pretty frame. love how your sun is peeking thru.

  3. Beautiful frame. I love the setting sun peeking between the trees.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!!