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~DT Call For Robins Nest~"There is Always Time for Play"

~Design Team Call For "The Robins Nest"~
"There is Always time for Play"

When I got an invite to submit my creation(s) for the The Robins Nest 
Design team I was thrilled! I absolutely am crazy about the company  and all the creative and unique goodies they offer to make your art journey a fun one! In my submission for the design team I got to thinking... how many people might not even venture to be creative on any given day because they don't have a "chunk" of time to do a project. When I teach workshops, many times I suggest" play time"... not  necessarily creative time... but" play time". That means that when they have an extra 20 minutes or whatever they have free, they go to their art rooms and just start "prepping" for a creative day when the have more time. They can cut some shapes out of fun papers, use some spray inks and or glitter/glitter glue to design some colorful manila tags, bead some wire to use in a small journal project,stitch together some fabric shapes... there are endless ways to have fun on a limited time frame, without the attachment of an "end result". 

Designing,painting and writing in journals is an awesome way  when given a small amount of time to be creative! Below I have several small projects that are very fun and work great on a limited time frame!

These fun projects originated as orange juice cartons which I had cut both the top and bottom off leaving one full long strip . I then peeled the inner protective layer off leaving behind this awesome textured card stock type paper to play with!

*Several Ideas for these OJ Cardstock Strips*

1) Gesso over the top and let dry.Cut into desired sizes.
2) Use stencils,stamps ,spray inks,glitter for design color work
3) Mod Podge on vellum quote sayings or cover with your favorite papers or tissue papers.
4) Use a hole punch in the top of one to add a ribbon or bow so when folded up, it can secure the project. I made several" love notes" and folded them up with ribbon as you can see above.

~I love to create in journals and here are several quick ideas for creating a fun page~

Here I had excess puzzle pieces so I painted  and then glued them onto the journal page for a unique designed roof for the little cottage!

My idea here was based on the fact that we all share our hearts with the world in one way or another.These are heart shaped paper cut-outs that I glued on a string & tied to a tree.The texture for the tree was Tim Holtz Distressed Crackle Paint. I used texture paint for some interest in the sun and flowers and well as added stamps and paint.

I love using tissue paper and here I  mod podged down tissue paper onto the journal page for the background. I then cut out several rectangle shapes of paper and glued them on, in the shape of a wedding cake. From there it was just some wild creative fun using stamps,tissue paper flowers and glitter glue!

Up close you can see the detail in these little tissue paper roses... these are created just by twisting small sections of tissue paper and rolling them in a long rope. I then applied some mod podge and formed into a rose.With a touch of glitter it makes the flowers come to life!!

I feel in love with small little journal book and you will never guess what it is made with???
 Empty toilet paper rolls!! 
1)To begin you press the  TP roll in half and add a good amount of Mod Podge to the inside and again press firmly in half ( I placed it under several heavy books to hold a tight seal.) You will need 2 TP rolls for each little journal booklet)

2) When fully dry, use a hole punch and punch in 3 vertical holes where you will bind the front and back together. Then begin designing by covering the fronts and backs with pieces of interesting papers. .
3) I them added some embellishments,stamps,touches of distress paints ect.
4) Inside I added lots of fun things like journal tickets,odd shaped papers, anything that piqued my interest I added!

5) For the final step I added beads to a 10" piece of 22 gauge wire  and wrapped around and through the holes to bind all the items together. 

That was all there was to it and now needless to say... I save all the TP rolls when they are empty:)
I hope you all enjoyed some fun little small projects that you can do in a small amount of time.. but mostly what I hope is that all of you beautiful creative people  realize that you do have time to play and be creative no matter what amount of time you have!
"Now go out and be "wildly creative" wherever you may be!!

Don't forget to visit " The Robin Nest" website for some very cool scrabooking supplies as well as their blog for great ideas!!

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