Thursday, December 20, 2012

~Shine A Light~Arnold Grummer's Design Team Post

   There is nothing more special than pretty lights at Christmastime shining brightly and making everything seem so cozy and inviting! This beautiful little votive candle holder was created by using a very thin piece of white handmade paper using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit. Several months ago I wanted to make some paper that was very thin using only white tissue paper and glitter since I had it in my mind to use them for something during the holidays ,so it worked out great!

Glass votive holders ( I used one that I had that was already colored orange and wanted to cover it up)
Handmade Paper- very thin
Snowflake punch
Mod Podge
Snowflake Paper ( die cut)

1)To begin with, cut the handmade paper to fit around the votive
2)Stamp out the snowflakes design within the paper itself
 3) Secure/seal with mod podge on the outside of the votive holder and then while tacky, glue the small cutout snowflakes onto the paper surrounding the votive and sprinkle some glitter over that.
4) Trim the top outer edge with the snowflake die cut paper to fit and secure with the Mod podge.
Let dry and you now have a beautiful little glowing candle light to place in a special spot or to give as a gift!

 Enjoy and may you all have a Blessed and Joyous Holiday Season!
In Love & Faith

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