Thursday, January 3, 2013

~"Celebrate Confetti" with Arnold Grummer's Handmade Papers~

With the New Year now here I was thinking of a way to combine "Celebration" with using up items that are lying around! It is a 2 fold project as I really needed to use up some accumulated art papers as well! We all know how gorgeous handmade papers are that we  can create with Arnold Grummer's handmade papers and wouldnt want to throw away even the smallest of scraps! So I gathered together some scraps from the  handmade papers I have made and thought it would be fun to create some "celebration confetti"!  These scrap papers even had sparkles and glitter throughout so they would be perfect for enclosing into birthday cards,graduation cards,anniversary cards,whatever occasion it was, they would be fun and festive! And depending on what types of punches you had, the sky would be the limit to the shapes!

Scraps of handmade papers
Craft punches in assorted shapes

This confetti is quick and easy to make by punching the shapes out of the scrap papers and then you could either use them inside of cards, sprinkle on the buffet or dinner table at a gathering or event, stretch the neck of a balloon and add a small amount of confetti before blowing up, to then be popped at a special occasion ~ there are allot of fun ways to use some beautiful handmade scrap paper and always a reason to CELEBRATE!!

~In Love and Faith~

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