Sunday, January 6, 2013

~Creative Magic Series Featuring Jan Gerson~

~Threaded Paintbrushes~

For Our First Creative Magic Series of the year,we are featuring Jan Gerson  from" Threaded Paintbrushes"and her beautiful , colorful quilts! I have 2 beautiful lap quilts made by her and we absolutely love them,so I wanted to share Jan and her wonderful quilts with you all!!

"I was a fashion sewer for my two little girls, years ago now. I have always been creative with crafts, so it was only natural to pick up fabric and see what I could make (dolls, doll clothes, doll quilts)
I'm really a frustrated painter. Quilting always appealed to me because of the designs. Seemed easier than painting.

I've been a fabric lover for years and a quilter for more than 10. 
I love stacks of materials sorted by ideas and anticipation! I love to design with feature fabrics and 
to create quilts that talk and sing ! Bold color and contrast are my best friends! 
I want my quilts to be versatile - lap quilts, table coverings, gifts, etc. 
They are decorator’s dreams! I absolutely love color, 
contrast, and statement!

I have several designs that have appealed to me over the years. The old tried and true traditional quilts are wonderful. But I like to think outside the box so young people will become interested in caring on the tradition . I'm never taken a class or workshop, just ideas and put them into quilts. I'm drawn to designs that reflect peoples moods. Ones that flow and bring big smiles when they wrap up in them.
If I could do anything I would want to have every person I touch to have a quilt"

I hope you have all enjoyed these beautiful quilts that Jan creates! She also does custom work so you can have a quilt that is all yours!

~In Love & Faith~



  1. I LOVE my Lap Quilt that Jan made for me. And so do the Grand kids!!! Great for snuggling up under while watching TV or reading. Beautiful work Jan !!!

  2. Thank you so much Dee, it was such a pleasure to make that quilt for you!

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