Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Written In Stone"~ SinCity Design Team Call Project

"Written In Stone"

 SinCity Design Team Call Project


 As an artist I so much enjoy creating something different, unique and out of the box! In this project my goal was to deliver a positive message through stamping while also creating a texture that would enhance the text.
This finished project can be incorporated into mixed media artwork to make a unique and positive statement!
I used Paperclay  as the medium and a message stamp to create the image. Using metallic paints and Perfect Pearl Mist. I then created a faux look of stone. I darkened in the letters with a shiny ink product called "Smooch" and finished with a  spray  matte sealer.

PaperClay "modeling" clay
 Assorted Stamps with sayings or quotes
Assorted metallic acrylics ( I used Stewart Gill ~Meta Mica~) in turquoise,black, dark brown
 Ranger Perfect Pearls Mist in "Perfect Copper"
"Smooch" ink
Matte Sealer

1) Mold the Paperclay into a thin shape that you would like to work with and imprint the saying or quote onto it.

2) Let dry several days to make sure it is completely dried.

3) Begin layering colors by starting with the turquoise then brown and ending with a small amount of black focusing on the impression and cracks in the Paperclay. 
Highlight with Perfect Pearls and Let dry.

4) Highlight the letters by painting the "Smooch" ink into the letters. Let dry

5) Seal with matte sealer.

I also enjoyed creating  other things such as this little bird out of the Paperclay using the same stamping technique and creating a "Vintage look".

This is such a fun, creative way to use stamps !

~In Love and Faith~


  1. super fun idea, thanks for your interest in be apart of the SinCity Stamps DT

  2. Sherri, this is so awesome!! Such an innovative idea!! The Smooch is the perfect touch!!
    Hope we get to work together!!

  3. This is a great awesome and amazing idea! I don't play with clay ever maybe I should start!

  4. Great project. I've never used Paperclay. This looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.