Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WildHeart Art " I Bet You CAN" Fun creative project for storage!

"I Bet You CAN"

Getting creative with something plain and "everyday boring" is what I love to do! Let me loose in a second hand vintage store and I will find a fun and funky new life for those sweet little items I purchase! But it is even better if you can do something fun and creative with something that was destined for the garbage or recycle bin!
Being a COFFEE lover I have lots of coffee cans and coupled with the fact that I never have enough places to put paint brushes, pens,markers,do dads,, etc, I thought I would decorate several of them up "arsty style" and have some nice new holders for my "stuff"!!
I left the paper on the coffee cans and just applied gesso on over that and let dried. I gathered up  a bunch of fun paints,ink sprays,stamps,liquid pearls, bead gel medium.. whatever sounded interesting to use.. I grabbed!

After the cans were dried I then started to place the paint randomly to cover the can and let that dry. I stamped words and patterns all over it and  then had this idea that I wanted to do a bunch of layers and texture. The one thing that came to mind was to create that  look with the bead gel medium.

I used a stencil and laid that down over the can and applied the gel medium using an artist pallet knife over and running the pallet knife over the stencil in short strokes. No need to be perfect.. just wanted some texture. ( After all....It is in the imperfections that we find the beauty in art) That needs a while to dry, but when it was almost dry I sprayed some Dylusions ink spray over the bead gel to give it some color. 
Here you see the cans are halfway done and the bead gel is still wet on the left hand side.

Here it is with the added color spray

I just had so much fun doing the final touches with the pearl pens/  liquid pearls, Big brush markers and paint "dots"!
This project is so versatile and fun you can  even put your art name on it as well, as I did here... "WildHeart Art"

Interesting texture created with the bead gel medium and stencil!

Sweet little butterfly stamp:)

So there you have it... A great way to use up coffee cans and create some artsy fun storage tins for all your "stuff"!!

~In love & Faith~


  1. Brilliant idea Sherri... must give it a go... thanks for shareing :-0 x

  2. Now that looks like fun! Great color and texture GF!

  3. Love it , Great idea and looks fun to do!

  4. Thanks so much May,Gerrie and Peggy! So happy you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!!:)

  5. We don't have coffee cans but I have an overpopulation of plastic powdered drink mix containers. I thought about papering them but your idea appeals to me so much more. I love the dimensions and texture.

  6. Hi Sherri, great visiting your blog tonight. Thanks for your visit also. I find your blog quite imaginative and colorful That's what art is all about. Creating and having fun.

  7. You are a girl after my own heart! I love to do things like this! Thank you for your inspiration!