Monday, November 4, 2013

Adding A little" Fun and Funk" to your Art Studio!

"Add A Little Fun & Funk to Your Studio"

I am always looking for a fun project to create something interesting ,either for my artwork or for my studio and I had a creative blast with this one! Places to store my "artsy stuff" is always a challenge as I like to see what I have  to work with .... up front and center and most of the time, that doesn't happen. Things have to end up being shoved in a drawer or hidden away only to have it be like "Christmas" ( which isn't bad either as  I am a confessed "Art  Supply Junkie" and usually do end up finding things I forgot I had  when I find a drawer I haven't gone through in awhile! So this idea just stemmed from crossing funky with necessity!  I had made this for paint brushes/markers/palette knives etc but you can use them for just about anything that needs to be stored and sitting pretty in the studio! It is quite easy and only requires a balloon, mod podge and tissue /collage paper for the most part.. So come join me and create one for yourself!

A balloon blown to the size you would like ( yes you can even do a whole set of misc sizes!)
Mod Podge mixed with a  very small amount of water
Brush for mod podge
Tissue paper /collage papers
 A metal Bowl  to hold the balloon in for working with it

Take the balloon and place in the bowl and coat it with the mod podge mixture.  Rip papers into small pieces and place the tissue and collage papers over only 3/4  ( lengthwise)of the balloon, to start covering the surface. You will need to do a handful of layers ( Keep in mind you will see the first layer which will be the bottom of the project when finished and leaving the papers exposed that you would like to see on the top layer). You will have to move the balloon around at times to cover but  remember only cover 3/4 of the balloon lengthwise. Let this sit and dry until, when you remove it, it holds its shape  and then remove from the metal bowl. At this point you want to roll the top edge of the project down a couple of times to create that nice rolled top edge around the rim. You may have work with it a bit and apply more mod podge to make it stay in that shape. Now look it over and see if there are any other areas you might want to add some more papers to before you set somewhere to dry. Dry it upside down on saran wrap so the top wont get stuck on other surfaces . 

t will take several days to dry completely.  Once fully dried you have a new fun & funky container to place some art supplies in!

Have fun with this project and Happy Creating!!

In love & faith

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