Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let's Get "Jiggy" For The Holidays!!

"Let's Get Jiggy"

I have always enjoyed doing things with my kids whether we were making cookies,playing games,doing crafts or watching movies, those are precious memories ,especially now that all my kids have "flown the nest". With the holidays coming  it is so fun and meaningful for the kids to make their own gifts for gift giving!  This is such a fun and easy project to make and uses up all those puzzles that no longer have all the pieces! So grab your creative magic and the kids and  lets get started!


Fun and colorful puzzle pieces- 2 or 4 for each project
 Gloss Mod Podge
 Small Metal hole punch( as seen above)
Ear wires- 2 for each project
Jump rings- 6mm- 2 for each project
 Assorted Glitter ( I used Art Glitter)

Punch a hole in each puzzle piece near the top and set aside. When you have punched holes in all of them  apply mod podge in a thin coat making sure not to apply over the small holes ( you can always take a toothpick and re open the holes if they do get mod podged over). Let dry and then set out the  glitter in small sections on a paper plate.

 You now are ready to "glitter" your earring! Dip the tips of the puzzle pieces into the mod podge and then into the glitter of your choice and set aside to dry. Repeat with the rest of the puzzle pieces and let dry. When dried, apply one jump ring to each ear wire and then take the jump ring attached to the ear wire and put though the hole in the top of the puzzle piece. You now have a very fun pair of fun and funky puzzle piece earrings! You can even make a  "long dangle "variation with several puzzle pieces attached together (below).

Have fun creating with your kids.. Time goes by so fast so enjoy!

In Love & faith

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  1. From One blogger to another awesome. I have been wanting to do this one. Awesome! We are fb friends so just thought I would say hi and awesome work!!! Here are my blogs ☺ ♥