Saturday, December 7, 2013

~ "Holiday Magic"~ At My House

~Holiday Magic~

The Holidays have always been a special joy for me filled with the little things in life. Being with family and friends has always been such a gift and I feel so blessed when we all can gather and celebrate the meaning of Christmas in joy and love.

I always enjoy all the festivities and aspects of Christmas...creating a fun holiday atmosphere with decorations, baking LOTS of different  Christmas cookies and freezing them for when needed and all the little things that surround us all as we enjoy being together.

This years "cookie stash" so far....

Last years annual Cut Out Cookie baking/decorating day! Yes we are a crazy bunch of girls in this  family!

 Nicosha,Ashley and My Mom

 Me and my beautiful daughters <3
No our hair isn't on fire... LOL .. it is the little white lights I have on top of the cabinets, they are creating a reflection!

The end result... a beautiful table of handmade cookies and a day of special memories! 
I am truly so thankful for our many blessings as a family not just at the Holidays but everyday!

And of course the dogs are waiting in the wings for any cookies that might "fall off" the cookie sheet! Nika is all ready with her mouth open!

I love the Whimsical Santa's and this one I got in Arizona several years ago.

I love birdhouses too and this one is all ready for the holidays!

  These small village houses are scattered though out the house.. I love these sweet little houses!

~Some of the things that capture my heart during the holidays~

Handmade ornaments my children made when they were growing up

I also have a special collection of" Snow Baby" ornaments

 Cozy Warm Scarves- (living in NY of course)!

The special little handmade gifts that are created during the holidays

Every year I also would get an ornament for each of the kids and one for the tree

I enjoy making handmade holiday items and decorations for the house

We have so much fun together and as you can see  
 even the beer is festive around

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and may it be filled with love,family,hopes and dreams and all those little things in life that create  those special memories and fill that heart space within us all with joy!
~Merry Christmas~

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  1. Your famiily does know how to have fun and make lasting memories!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Now I am craving thumbprint cookies!