Monday, March 3, 2014

WildHeart Art ~"Texture" On The Edge~ SinCity Design Team project featuring "ComposiMold"

"Texture" On The Edge
Featuring ComposiMold

Being a mixed media artist ,I had fun trying to come up with a unique idea to use ComposiMold. (ComposiMold is a wonderful versatile "melt-able" product which is used in projects to create molds for soap making, plaster casts etc.) in my mixed media  artwork and came up with several fun alternatives. One which will be highlighted in this post and the additional alternatives and final project will be revealed March 17th! So lets begin and have some fun!


Wax paper
Wooden popsicle stick
Cardboard roll ( I am using a very heavy duty roll)
Black Ink Pad

Finished journal page

  1) Melt the ComposiMold in the  container microwave per instructions.
2) Dip the wooden stick into the melted ComposiMold and coat the stick . Drizzle over the tube to create a ridged texture ( designs and ways to apply can  be varied for interesting effects!)

 3) Let this stand upright and dry for an hour or so.

 4) When fully dried apply ink from an ink pad ( I used black but different colors would be fun too!) highlighting all the ridges with the ink.

 5) Roll the tube back and forth on a finished journal page.
6) Here is how the random texture looks rolled out on a journal page below.
It is so easy to create this unique textured paper roll with ComposiMold! Next time I will show you some other fun mixed media items created with ComposiMold!

~In Love and Faith~
*For other ideas on how to use the ComposiMold visit them here 


  1. very cool thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Love this idea!! Gives your page a unity and depth - have to get me some ComposiMold now going to check out other ways to use it!

  3. Thanks so much girls!! So glad you enjoy!! Part 2 will be posted on the 17th!!

  4. Beautiful! thank you for sharing

  5. Thanks girls for stopping by and I'm so happy you enjoy!!

  6. What a wonderful idea...thanks so much for sharing...and with great photographs too!