Saturday, March 28, 2015

~Make Your Mark~ Creating unique stamps!

~Make Your Mark~

I am always looking for ways to use  ordinary items ( or funky ones too!) to create unique marks in my artwork! I was shopping in Joannes and found a package of these little" stoppers" but they are called" marshmallows".  I was intrigued by them and thought I could use them as  stamps somehow.

  I heated up the glue gun and created  simple designs  on the tops of these "marshmallows" and let  them cool.

I then grabbed some practice paper to see what fun marks I had created. I used my ink pads and  stamped them to get the ink onto the top of the stamp and Volia! This is such a wonderful way to easily create your own marks!
  Here you can see the unique marks made by using the glue gun and those funky little marshmallow stamps I created!
Here you can see how I took a card board piece and glued on Q tips criss cross to get that tic tac toe pattern.
So have fun and  go wild and crazy with your" marshmallows"!!