Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vintage Embellishing~ Proxxon DT Project by Sherri Welser

~Vintage Embellishing~

Even before it was a "Thing" I was perusing garage and estate sales looking for fun items to reinvent! I would find all kinds of tables and do the faux marble tops, a church pew was placed in the garden for setting plants on,old bicycles with the metal baskets were planted with flowers and they became unique focals in the flower garden. I have always loved finding these treasures and turning them into  Garden Art! Last fall I found an old church window with beautiful lines and even though some of the glass was broken I had a vision! Recently I found both a long wooden table and an old  wooden sewing machine table( both inexpensive finds at my local ReStore) with the beautiful metal work on it and the word "Singer" across the bottom~ these all are on my radar now to make beautiful again and here you will see several of those items come to life!  Visit the Proxxon Blog to see the fun creations I will be embellishing!

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